About A Fictional Universe

Our goal at A Fictional Universe is to help you find new and interesting stories to consume. Our focus is on fictional stories of all kinds.

One of our main goals is to give you more stories of the same. If you love a story and want more then we want to give you recommendations of similar stories and other stories that probably will be to your liking.

We have split our focus into four mediums; Books, Movies, TV-Shows, and Anime. We might add other closely related mediums in the future, but for now, these mediums are our main focus.

Another of our main goals is to give recommendations that mix different mediums. Say you like a Book and want more like it, then most of our recommendations will be similar Books, but we do our best to also add some Movies, TV-Shows, and Anime recommendations.

At A Fictional Universe we will do our best to help you find new exciting stories in interesting fictional universes for you to experience.