17 Best Suggestions Like 'Peacemaker': TV-Shows, Books, and Anime


Peacemaker TV-Show Cover

Peacemaker is one of the best DC series. Hallerious and interesting pot, excellent actors with interesting characters, and a good creator tieing it all together.

If love Peacemaker and want more like it, then we have a bunch of recommendations just for you. Most have some of the following similarities with Peacemaker: Superheroes, gory violence, funny violence, unusual characters, and fantasy and/or since fiction themes. Most are other shows similar to Peacemaker, but there are also some book and anime suggestions that should be your liking if you like Peacemaker.


After his operation with The Suicide Squad, Peacemaker returns home to recover from his altercation with Bloodsport. But he is immediately tracked only to get another similar choice. Work with a secret task force has their heavy hitter, or go back to prison.

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TV-Shows like Peacemaker

The Flash

Tv Show cover: The Flash
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Barry Allen is a CSI scientist in Central city. Despite a childhood trauma where some yellow and red lighting kills his mother, but his father is blamed for her murder, he still lives a happy life.

One day Barry's life takes an unexpected turn. An experiment he performs in his lab goes wrong. And during this, he gets struck with lightning. A flash of strange lightning that occurs at the same time that the particle accelerator at S.T.A.R. labs explodes.

When Barry finally comes out of his coma. A coma caused by the lightning strike. Barry discovers that he has gained super speed.

Barry joins up with some new friends that work at what remains of S.T.A.R. Labs. Together they experiment with his newfound powers.

But soon others with powers start to emerge, and most are not so kind-hearted as Barry. Together they do their best to catch these superpowered people or so-called metahumans.

Is The Flash good?

The Flash is a good superhero show.

It has some cool crossovers with Arrow, even if it is not as dark and gritty as the Arrow.

It`s not the best show out there, but it is still worth a try.

If you get hanged up on inconsistencies then you might get irritated with it. He's speed is not consistent. In some episodes he can dodge bullets, but in others, he has problems dodging much slower punches.

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Jessica Jones

Tv Show cover: Jessica Jones
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Jessica Jones works as a hot-tempered private detective in Hell's Kitchen.

She uses her extraordinary abilities, super strength, to champion for those in need... especially if they're willing to cut her a check.

Is Jessica Jones good?

Marvel's Jessica Jones is a very good superhero TV show.

It has crossovers with other Netflix Marvel superhero TV shows like Luke Cage and Daredevil.

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Tv Show cover: Misfits
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A group of English teenagers given community service is hit by a freak thunderstorm and discovers that they have gotten superpowers. When they discover that they are not the only ones who have been given powers they realize that they have a lot more to worry about than just their community service.

Is Misfits good?

This is a cool show, but I have only watched up to season three. I fell off when I had to wait for a new season. I might take it up again if I get time.

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Preacher Tv-Show Cover
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A renegade spawn of an angel and a demon, a soul without a body, choose to inhabit the body of Texas preacher Jesse Custer. A preacher that has lost his faith and has a drinking problem. The offspring called Genesis bonds with Jesse giving him the word of God. When he uses it people obey. Jesse, his ex, and his vampire friend are forced into a battle between Heaven and Hell.

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Nick Sax is an ex-cop and currently a hitman. After wakening up injured in a hospital he sees a flying blue horse that claims it is the imaginary friend of a girl that needs help. And so begins the bloody journey to save the girl with the help of a flying blue horse character named Happy.

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Jack Reacher is a retired Military Police Officer that wanders around while living on his pension. When entering Margrave in Georgia he gets arrested murder he did not commit, he finds himself in the middle of a deadly conspiracy full of dirty cops, shady businessmen, and scheming politicians. With his witts, big muscles, and investigative experience, he helps the police to clear his name and to figure out what is happening in Margrave.

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17-year-old Mark Grayson is the son of Earth's most powerful superhero, Omni-Man. Mark is about to develop his own powers, but as he grows he starts to discover that his father’s legacy may not be as heroic as it seems.

Invincible is an adult animated series based on the Skybound/Image comic about a teenager whose father is the most powerful superhero on the planet.

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The Punisher

The Punisher
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After the murder of his family, Marine veteran Frank Castle becomes the vigilante known as The Punisher. After revenging their death he uncovers a conspiracy that runs far deeper than New York's criminal underworld.

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In an alternate history where masked vigilantes are treated as outlaws and police are masking their faces, Detective Angela Abar is tasked with investigating the attempted murder of a fellow officer. This takes her down paths that include brutal acts of racism, big corporations, people with superpowers, and old heroes.

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Doom Patrol

Doom Patrol
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Doom Patrol is a group of superpowered outcasts living together under the house of one idealistic modern-day mad scientist Dr. Niles Caulder. The heroes are Robotman, Negative Man, Elasti-Girl, and Crazy Jane. They have superpowers, but they also got horrible scars, disfigurements, and traumas from it. They investigate weird phenomena and protect Earth from what they find if necessary. They are partly a support group and partly a Super Hero team. The Doom Patrol is a band of super-powered freaks who fight for a world that wants nothing to do with them.

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The Boys

The Boys Tv-Show Cover
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A group of vigilantes set out to take down corrupt superheroes who abuse their superpowers.

Superpowered people are heroes for the general public. Their images are carefully cultivated by a powerful corporation that owns them, Vought International. But power corrupts most people, and most of those superheroes are no different. Outside of their heroic personas, most are arrogant and corrupt. Hugh "Hughie" Campbel joins a group of vigilant hero killers after his girlfriend is killed by one of them in front of him. One of his heroes acted recklessly and she got killed, and it all got hidden away by those in power.

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Books like Peacemaker

There are lots of superhero-related books out there, but we have chosen some good ones that should be to your interest if you like Peacemaker.

Super Powereds: Year 1 (Super Powereds #1) by Drew Hayes

Book cover: Super Powereds: Year 1
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To become a super hero you have to take the Hero Certification Program in college, and only a handful of those starting it will be able to get to the final year. Among this years freshmen at Lander University, one of the top universities with a Hero Certification Program, there are five fresh students that are not as the rest of the aspiring heroes. They are former powereds, people with abilities like the supers but without the ability to control them. Powereds have always been treated like second class citizens and a burden. However these five are the first prototypes for a new highly classified experiment that have managed to turn powereds to a super. They have been those into the Hero Certification Program at Lander University as a trail by fire to see if they can compete against supers.

Is Super Powereds good?

Super Powereds is one of the better series I have read in a while. Great long books. They are akin to the magical school type of books, but with college age students instead of the commonly younger age group. There are five main characters, and the author has actually managed to distribute the focus fairly among them.

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The Rules of Supervillainy (The Supervillainy Saga #1) by C.T. Phipps

Book cover: The Rules of Supervillainy
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Gary Karkofsky is an ordinary guy in a world of superheroes and supervillains. After the popular superhero Nightwalker dies Gary finds the late heroes cloak on his doorstep. Gary has a bad history with bad superheroes so he decides he rather go with the money end freedom of being a supervillan instead of the boring hero road.

Is The Supervillainy Saga good?

The Supervillainy Saga is witty lighthearted and full of all kinds of superheroes, supervillains and other supernatural beings and aliens. Gary is not a pure evil or crazy supervillain, most, but not all, of what he dos ends up being for the better, but he take care to pay himself handsomely for what he dos.

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So Not a Hero by S. J. Delos

Book cover: So Not a Hero
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Karen Hashimoto, previously known as the supervillain Crushette, is known after a stint in prison reformed. After accidentally helping a superhero out with some bad guys she is offered a place with the cities most popular superhero team. Can Karen, an ex lover of the notorious supervillain Doctor Maniac turn her life around an become a hero, or will she relapse back to her old life as a criminal?

Is So Not a Hero by S. J. Delos good?

So Not a Hero is an interesting read about someone trying to turn their life around. She was not a very bad person, she more or less dropped into to criminal life because of her boyfriend, but she still was an active participant. And the super hero stuff is always cool.

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Almost Infamous: A Supervillain Novel by Matt Carter

Book cover: Almost Infamous: A Supervillain Novel
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Aidan Salt has a super power, albeit an unpredictable one. He has a telekinetic ability strong enough that he could be a super hero if he wanted to. But he is to cowardly and selfish to be one, and more importantly he is to lazy to deal with all the paperwork and other hazel of being a superhero. Instead he decides to become Apex Strike, the first supervillain the world has seen in the last twenty years. His first heist dos not go as planned and he find himself forced in as a plot by some superheroes to make themselves important and more popular again.

Is Almost Infamous: A Supervillain Novel by Matt Carter good?

Almost Infamous is an interesting book where the heroes are not that heroic, most of them anyway. I liked the book, not among the best I have read, but worth reading if you like superhero books or anti-hero books.

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Animes like Peacemaker

Boku no Hero Academia

Anime cover: Boku no Hero Academia
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Izuku Midoriya is powerless, he has no superpowers in a world where over 80% of the population has some kind of superpower. He is a fan of heroes and studies and takes notes on them. He has wished to become one himself since he was a small child, something that looks impossible to become when you have no power. One day he meats his personal idol, and the strongest hero of them all, All Might. Another special thing about All Might that almost no other person knows is that his power can be inherited, and after observing Izuku he has chosen to give his power to him. This gives Izuku the chance, with some hard training, to join the Hero Academy and become a hero like his childhood dream.

Is Boku no Hero Academia good?

Boku no Hero Academia is a good anime that has taken inspiration from american comics and created a good superhero anime. It`s not an excellent anime, but it is still good. If you like animes and you also like superhero stuff, then you should give it a try.

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Darker than Black

Anime cover: Darker than Black
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An impenetrable field that is known as the "Hell's Gate" appeared ten years ago in Tokyo.

At the same time as the "Hell's Gate" appeared a new bread of people known as Contractors also appeared. Most of the Contractors are assassins and spies that wield supernatural powers used to carry out the dirty work of others.

The only downside with these powers are the strange obsessive quirks these Contractors get in return for their power.

Among these Contractors is one more mysterious than the rest, the masked killer BK201, also known as the Black Reaper.

The story digs into what Contractors are and the shadowy organization around them.

Is Darker than Black good?

Darker than Black is a really good anime. It's not among the top tire animes, but its almost up there.

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