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The Boys Tv-Show Cover

If you like The Boys and want more bloody and tense stories where people has superpowers or other magical abilities then keep reading. Stories about revange, corruption, crime, misfits, murder, vigilanties, justice, and brutality and with dark humour, satirical elements, but also gritty and serious. Our recommendations for more like The Boys has some or all of thise elements in them.

Most of our suggestions are other TV-Shows similar to The Boys, but we have also included some Books and Anime that are similar to The Boys. Some of them should be to your interest.


A group of vigilantes set out to take down corrupt superheroes who abuse their superpowers.

Superpowered people are heroes for the general public. Their images are carefully cultivated by a powerful corporation that owns them, Vought International. But power corrupts most people, and most of those superheroes are no different. Outside of their heroic personas, most are arrogant and corrupt. Hugh "Hughie" Campbel joins a group of vigilant hero killers after his girlfriend is killed by one of them in front of him. One of his heroes acted recklessly and she got killed, and it all got hidden away by those in power.

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TV-Shows like The Boys


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17-year-old Mark Grayson is the son of Earth's most powerful superhero, Omni-Man. Mark is about to develop his own powers, but as he grows he starts to discover that his father’s legacy may not be as heroic as it seems.

Invincible is an adult animated series based on the Skybound/Image comic about a teenager whose father is the most powerful superhero on the planet.

Why is Invincible recommended?

The main character might have superpowers in this. But the feel of the show is very similar, even if it is an animation. And all the superheroes are not so heroic in this show either. If you like The Boys then you will definitely like the Invincible, at least if you like animations.

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Peacemaker TV-Show Cover

After his operation with The Suicide Squad, Peacemaker returns home to recover from his altercation with Bloodsport. But he is immediately tracked only to get another similar choice. Work with a secret task force has their heavy hitter, or go back to prison.

Why is Peacemaker recommended?

Peacemaker has goofy but gory comedic elements, and it's very violent and full of action. It might be more surface-level entertainment with less social commentary, but if you like The Boys then your most likely going to like Peacemaker too.

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The Umbrella Academy

The Umbrella Academy

On the same day in October 1989, forty-three infants are born to random, unconnected women who showed no signs of pregnancy the day before. The eccentric billionaire, explorer, genius, and industrialist Sir Reginald Hargreeves adopts seven of those children. He creates The Umbrella Academy to prepare these children to save the world.

But not everything went according to plan. After some famous years as child heroes, the family fractures and the team splits apart.

Years later, when they are almost thirty years old, they again come together when their adoptive parent Hargreeves has passed away. But his passing has some mysteries to it, and Luther, Diego, Allison, Klaus, Vanya, and Number Five work together to try to solve it. However their divergent personalities once again begin to split them apart, and the imminent threat of a global apocalypse does not help.

Why is The Umbrella Academy recommended?

It has some of the dark comedic elements as The Boys, but less of the cynicism and more of a weird bizarre feeling to it. The Umbrella Academy is a good recommendation if you like The Boys.

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The Witcher

The Witcher cover
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The Witcher follows the story of Geralt of Rivia, one of the few remaining witchers.

Witchers are humans that are magically altered to make them better at fighting magical monsters.

Geralt is a Witcher and a solitary monster hunter. He has to traverse a world where people often are more wicked and brutal than the monsters and beast he was made to hunt.

In the midst of brutal changes on the continent, Geralt's life is forcefully changed by destiny. His fate is tightly intertwined with two other people. A powerful sorceress and a young princess with a special gift.

The Witcher is base on a series with the same name by the Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski.

An excellent game series is also based on his books.

Is The Witcher good?

The witcher is a top-notch show from Netflix.

I relay hope they keep it alive for many seasons.

Season one was a little confusing with different stories on different timelines, but as soon as I got what was happening it was ok.

Henry Cavill does an excellent job as Geralt, a perfect match. And the show has some of the better sword fighting scenes than I have ever seen on a TV show.

The Witcher is a must watch show on Netflix

Why is The Witcher recommended?

The Witcher is not in our modern world, and its a pure fantasy show and not a superhero show. But its an excellent dark and brutal show that most fans of The boys are going to love.

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Tv Show cover: Lucifer
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Lucifer Morningstar is bored with his life and duties as the lord of hell. He decided to take a vacation in the city of angels.

Lucifer owns one of the cities most prestigious nightclubs. There he lives a life full of delicious sin and fun while trading favors with clients.

But when one of his clients is gunned down he teams up with an LAPD detective to solve the case.

Lucifer is so smitten with this detective that he decides to join the LAPD as a consultant. He uses his power to draw out people's deepest desires and wishes to solve crimes.

Is Lucifer good?

I love this show.

I know it`s jet another crime show with a specially gifted but flawed main person, but I still love it.

Some people get in a fizzy fit because the TV show goes too far away from the comic. I have never read the comic books so I don really care about that.

Why is Lucifer recommended?

Lucifer might be very different in some aspects, but it is a very good supernatural crime detective show that most fans of The Boys are going to like.

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Tv Show cover: Heroes
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People all over the world are discovering that they have superpowers. They are all trying to deal with how this is change is affecting their lives.

Some of the people with superpowers are. Peter Petrelli, a 30-something nurse who suspects he can fly. Claire Bennet, a 17-year-old cheerleader who is next to immortal. Hiro Nakamura, a 20-something Japanese comic book fan who kind of control time. Niki Sanders, a 30-something Las Vegas showgirl with an evil twin. Matt Parkman, a cop who can read minds. Isaac Mendez, a 20-something junkie who has the ability to paint images of the future when he is high.

This is a show of heroes and villains, some with and some without superpowers. A shadowy organization hunting people with superpowers is one of the power players.


Is Heroes good?

The first season of Heroes is absolutely fantastic, but then it sadly starts to slowly get worse. The last season is barely worth watching.

However, the first season is so good that you still will have a really good time watching it. Heroes is an excellent show.

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Supernatural cover
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Sam and Dean are two brothers who were raised by their father, John, to hunt and kill evil supernatural beings.

Now they have to set out together to search for their missing father.

When they find him he reveals that he has discovered how to track and kill the demon that killed their mother.

Meanwhile, Sam starts to develop frightening abilities. Abilities that include visions of people dying before it actually happens. These visions are somehow connected to the demon who murdered their mother.

Their father suddenly dies. The brothers, now alone, decides to finish the crusade their father started.

Is Supernatural good?

Overall, this is one of the better shows of all time.

Not every season and episode hold top quality, but most are very good.

Give it a try. If you like it then you have something to watch for a long time.

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Jessica Jones

Tv Show cover: Jessica Jones
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Jessica Jones works as a hot-tempered private detective in Hell's Kitchen.

She uses her extraordinary abilities, super strength, to champion for those in need... especially if they're willing to cut her a check.

Is Jessica Jones good?

Marvel's Jessica Jones is a very good superhero TV show.

It has crossovers with other Netflix Marvel superhero TV shows like Luke Cage and Daredevil.

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Almost Human

Tv Show cover: Almost Human
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In the year 2048, every cop is teamed up with a synthetic android partner.

The dysfunctional Detective John Kennex, who hate Androids, are forced to team up with an old second-hand android named Dorian.

Dorian is a DRN model police synthetic, that were made to simulate human feelings. They were replaced with a newer model that is less human.

Is Almost Human good?

I loved Almost Human.

It`s so irritating that so many good shows are canceled way before there time.

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The Punisher

The Punisher
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After the murder of his family, Marine veteran Frank Castle becomes the vigilante known as The Punisher. After revenging their death he uncovers a conspiracy that runs far deeper than New York's criminal underworld.

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In an alternate history where masked vigilantes are treated as outlaws and police are masking their faces, Detective Angela Abar is tasked with investigating the attempted murder of a fellow officer. This takes her down paths that include brutal acts of racism, big corporations, people with superpowers, and old heroes.

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Christian Walker used to have superpowers, but he has lost them. He is now working as a detective in the powers division, a special unit tasked with keeping order among those with superpowers. Someone has to keep order among those with too much power so they don't end up doing murder and spreading chaos without any repercussions.

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Preacher Tv-Show Cover
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A renegade spawn of an angel and a demon, a soul without a body, choose to inhabit the body of Texas preacher Jesse Custer. A preacher that has lost his faith and has a drinking problem. The offspring called Genesis bonds with Jesse giving him the word of God. When he uses it people obey. Jesse, his ex, and his vampire friend are forced into a battle between Heaven and Hell.

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Nick Sax is an ex-cop and currently a hitman. After wakening up injured in a hospital he sees a flying blue horse that claims it is the imaginary friend of a girl that needs help. And so begins the bloody journey to save the girl with the help of a flying blue horse character named Happy.

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Titans follows a team of young superheroes that combats evil and other problems. Dick Grayson, one of Batman's Robin sidekicks, tries to help out Rachel Roth, a young girl possessed by some strange dark power. On their journey, they gather together with other powerful people like the hot-headed Starfire and lovable Beast Boy Gar Logan. Together they are dragged into a conspiracy that could bring Hell on Earth.

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Doom Patrol

Doom Patrol
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Doom Patrol is a group of superpowered outcasts living together under the house of one idealistic modern-day mad scientist Dr. Niles Caulder. The heroes are Robotman, Negative Man, Elasti-Girl, and Crazy Jane. They have superpowers, but they also got horrible scars, disfigurements, and traumas from it. They investigate weird phenomena and protect Earth from what they find if necessary. They are partly a support group and partly a Super Hero team. The Doom Patrol is a band of super-powered freaks who fight for a world that wants nothing to do with them.

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Animes like The Boys

The Rising of the Shield Hero

The Rising of the Shield Hero Anime Cover
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Naofumi Iwatani is an otaku from Japan. He and three other Japanese people are summoned to another world to become The Four Cardinal Heroes.

The Four Cardinal Heroes are respectively given a sword, spear, bow, and shield. They are each called the Sword Hero, the Spear Hero, the Bow Hero, and lastly the Shield Hero.

Their task is to vanquish Waves of monsters. The Waves are monsters summoned from another plane to attack and destroy everything. They are summoned in regular waves.

Naofumi is cursed with the fate of becoming the Shield Hero

Armed with only a measly shield, Naofumi is belittled and ridiculed by his fellow heroes and the kingdom's people due to his weak offensive capabilities. His lackluster personality does also not help his case.

They were summoned by the kingdom of Melromarc. The kingdom provides the heroes with some recourses and comrades to train with to prepare for the Waves

The only person willing to help Naofumi, the Shield Hero, is Malty Melromarc, a princess of the kingdom. However, she soon betrays him by stealing his resources and falsy causing him of taking advantage of her.

This causes Naofumi to be discriminated against and hated by the people of Melromarc for something he didn't do.

Full of hurt and mistrust Naofumi begins his journey of strengthening himself. He buys the demi-human Raphtalia, a slave on the verge of death. He wants her to accompany him on his travels.

Raphtaliathe is the sword to Naofumis shield.

Is The Rising of the Shield Hero good?

The Rising of the Shield Hero is a good anime. It's interesting to watch the main character dealing with having everyone against him and growing stronger.

It has an interesting gamelike progression and a decent story and characters.

This anime is not a masterpiece, it's not among the best. It's only recommended if you like anime or like these kinds of Isekai/LitRPG kind of stories.

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Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan Anime Cover
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Eren Yeager decided to dedicate his life to combat Titans after he witnessed a horrific personal loss at the hands of one of those creatures.

Eren enlists in the Survey Corps. They are an elite military unit that combats the merciless Titans outside the protection of the walls.

The Walls surrounding the last remnants of humanity were built many generations back. It was the last desperate attempt by humanity to survive the Titaninvasion.

Before the Wall, Titans were eating humans to extinction. Nothing they did made a dent in the Titaninvasion.

But the Walls do not last forever, and now they are beginning to fail, and no one remembers how to build new ones.

Can Eren Yeager and the rest of the Survey Corps stand against the Titans?

Is Attack on Titan good?

Attack on Titan, or Shingeki no Kyojin is an excellent anime.

If you like Shounen then it is a must-watch, and it is good even if you usually do not watch this genre.

It's among the better animes, so it something that should be given an attempt. Just be warned, it's a Shounen, so it's on the longer side.

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Boku no Hero Academia

Anime cover: Boku no Hero Academia
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Izuku Midoriya is powerless, he has no superpowers in a world where over 80% of the population has some kind of superpower. He is a fan of heroes and studies and takes notes on them. He has wished to become one himself since he was a small child, something that looks impossible to become when you have no power. One day he meats his personal idol, and the strongest hero of them all, All Might. Another special thing about All Might that almost no other person knows is that his power can be inherited, and after observing Izuku he has chosen to give his power to him. This gives Izuku the chance, with some hard training, to join the Hero Academy and become a hero like his childhood dream.

Is Boku no Hero Academia good?

Boku no Hero Academia is a good anime that has taken inspiration from american comics and created a good superhero anime. It`s not an excellent anime, but it is still good. If you like animes and you also like superhero stuff, then you should give it a try.

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Akame ga Kill!

Akame ga Kill! Anime Cover
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Tatsumi is a naive village boy that wants to save his village. He has trained all his life to leave his village to find a way to earn enough to help his impoverished village.

His naivety almost cuts his journey short as soon as he reaches the capital. A place that is full of thieves, corruption, and death.

Just as his journey is about to end Tatsumi is saved by the Night Rider group, a group of wanted assassins. And he ends up joining them and their cause.

The Night Rider group is a covert assassination branch of the Revolutionary Army.

The Revolutionary Army, including the Night Riders, aims to overthrow the evil Prime Minister Honest and all the corrupt nobility.

Prime Minister Honest control the child emperor as if he was a marionette. His greed is ruining the empire.

The Night Raids do their best by assassinating all that stands in the way of the Revolutionary Army. But they mainly assassinate evil and corrupt nobility and leaders.

We follow Tatsumi in his fight against the corruption and evil that infests the Empire. We see him learn about powerful magical weapons, fight enemy assassins, challenges to his own morals and values, and learn what it truly means to be an assassin with a cause.

Is Akame ga Kill! good?

Akame ga Kill! is a dark and gory anime. If that's your thing then it's worth watching. But it's not the best of its kind.

It's not unique or among the best, but it's still worth a try.

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Code Geass

Code Geass anime cover 2
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Lelouch Lamperouge is an abandoned prince of the Holy Britannian Empire. He hides his true identity as a student in the colonized territory of Area 11, formerly known as Japan.

He acquires the power of "Geass" from the mysterious girl named C.C., which enables him to command anyone to obey his orders.

After obtaining the "Geass" he starts to wear the mask of Zero and begins his rebellion against his own father's empire. He wants to take revenge for his assassinated mother.

Is Code Geass good?

Code Geass is an excellent anime. It is one of the better animes I have ever watched.

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One Punch Man

One Punch Man
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The world is full of people and monsters with superhuman abilities. Saitama is one of those people with superhuman abilities, and he can defeat his enemies with a single punch. He trained three years to gain this strength so he could follow his dream of being a hero.

But he has become too strong, defeating everything with one punch is too easy, he can no longer feel the thrill of battle. Saitama overpowered power makes his life boring and dull. He finds his overall hero life pointless.

But one day Saitama meets the cyborg Genos. He witnesses Saitama's power and wishes to become his disciple. Genos proposes that they join the Hero Association in order to become certified heroes so they also can get recognized for their heroic deeds. Saitama, who is shocked that no one knows who he is, quickly agrees.

New allies and new foes await them as they embark on this new journey together as a member of the Hero Association. Maybe Saitama once again will experience the excitement of battle that he once felt.

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Books like The Boys

Steelheart (Reckoners #1) by Brandon Sanderson

Steelheart Reckoners 1
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Ten years ago some ordinary people got powers. The Calamity came in the sky, and it gave some people powers. Those who got powers were called Epics. In the beginning, they were revered, but it soon become apparent that they had not only gotten powers, their personality had also changed. They had gotten an irresistible desire to rule.

The Reckoners is a shadowy group of ordinary humans that risk it all to fight the Epics. They study the Epics, learn their powers, their weaknesses, and their habits, then they assassinate them.

David wants to become a Reckoner. He wants revenge on Steelheart, the Epic that killed his father. But Steelheart is one of the strongest Epics, and no one knows of any of his weaknesses. But David has been studying and planning for years, and even more, in the event where Steelheart killed his father he did see Steelheart bleed.

Why is Reckoners recommended?

The Reckoners has none powered humans fighting against dangerous superpowered humans and revenge elements to it. It is set in more of a post-apocalyptic world and it is more targeted towards young adults, but if this is OK for you then it is a good read if you liked The boys.

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Mistborn (Mistborn #1) by Brandon Sanderson

Book cover: Mistborn
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The World has been a wasteland of ash and mist for over a thousand years. The Lord Ruler of this world, the "Sliver of Infinity", has reigned with absolute power and ultimate terror.

Every revolt against The Lord Ruler has failed miserably.

But then a terribly scarred and heart-broken half-Skaa in the depths of the Lord Ruler`s most hellish prison snapped. His name is Kelsier, and when he snapped he suddenly found himself with the powers of a Mistborn.

A Mistborn can burn all sixteen of the Allomantic metals.

Kelsier is a brilliant thief, con man, and a natural leader. He decided to turn his talents to the ultimate play.

A play with theLord Ruler himself as the mark.

For this ultimate play, he recruited the underworld`s elite. The smartest and most trustworthy allomancers, each of whom capable of burning one of the Allomantic metals.

Kelsier`s plan looks more like the ultimate long shot until luck brings a ragged girl named Vin into his life.

Vin has the potential to become a Mistborn like Kelsier himself.

Is Mistborn good?

This is the first book in the Mistborn series. Both this book and the rest of the series is really good.

This series has detailed world-building, especially the magic system, and an interesting main character. Sanderson shines on these points. Hi is an excellent epic fantasy author.

If you like fantasy books then Mistborn should be a must-read.

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Super Powereds: Year 1 (Super Powereds #1) by Drew Hayes

Book cover: Super Powereds: Year 1
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To become a super hero you have to take the Hero Certification Program in college, and only a handful of those starting it will be able to get to the final year. Among this years freshmen at Lander University, one of the top universities with a Hero Certification Program, there are five fresh students that are not as the rest of the aspiring heroes. They are former powereds, people with abilities like the supers but without the ability to control them. Powereds have always been treated like second class citizens and a burden. However these five are the first prototypes for a new highly classified experiment that have managed to turn powereds to a super. They have been those into the Hero Certification Program at Lander University as a trail by fire to see if they can compete against supers.

Is Super Powereds good?

Super Powereds is one of the better series I have read in a while. Great long books. They are akin to the magical school type of books, but with college age students instead of the commonly younger age group. There are five main characters, and the author has actually managed to distribute the focus fairly among them.

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Almost Infamous: A Supervillain Novel by Matt Carter

Book cover: Almost Infamous: A Supervillain Novel
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Aidan Salt has a super power, albeit an unpredictable one. He has a telekinetic ability strong enough that he could be a super hero if he wanted to. But he is to cowardly and selfish to be one, and more importantly he is to lazy to deal with all the paperwork and other hazel of being a superhero. Instead he decides to become Apex Strike, the first supervillain the world has seen in the last twenty years. His first heist dos not go as planned and he find himself forced in as a plot by some superheroes to make themselves important and more popular again.

Is Almost Infamous: A Supervillain Novel by Matt Carter good?

Almost Infamous is an interesting book where the heroes are not that heroic, most of them anyway. I liked the book, not among the best I have read, but worth reading if you like superhero books or anti-hero books.

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The Perfect Run by Maxime J. Durand

The Perfect Run
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Ryan Romano, alias Quicksave, is an eccentric superhuman with a strange power. He can both stop time for a short duration and as the name implies he can create a save point that he automatically loads whenever he dies.

He arrives in New Rome, the rebuilt capital sin in Europe, looking for a long-lost friend only to find himself in the ist of a crazy situation that will require his powers to solve. New Rome is torn between mega-corporations, sponsored heroes, super-powered criminals, and true monsters where some only threaten the city while others might threaten the whole world.

Ryan sees many different routes, and from Hero to Villain, he has to groundhog day them all with his savepoint power. Only then will he achieve his perfect ending. No matter how many loops it takes.

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