If you like "Reborn: Apocalypse" by L. M. Kerr, then you might enjoy...


Reborn: Apocalypse Book Cover

Reborn: Apocalypse is a System Apocolyps book where humanity is transported to another realm to compete for survival. Its a good book series so we decided to make a list of recommendations similar to Reborn: Apocalypse.

Most of the recommendations have similar things like being in the System or Post Apocolypse, Fantasy, Wuxia, Progression Fantasy, or LitRPG genres. Or have keywords like magic, time travel/time loop, aliens, games, reincarnation, or material arts in common.

We have mostly book recommendations similar to the Reborn: Apocalypse books. But we have also added some Anime and TV-Show recommendations that have some similarities to the Reborn: Apocalypse book. Some might be less similar, but they should still be in your interest if you like the Reborn: Apocalypse books.


Humanity has been transported to another world where magical superpowers are real. Its a world made of seven layers and the goal is to reach the top, heaven.

Micheal is at the top layer with what little remains of the human population. 10 years has he to get to this point.

Humanity is desperately trying to win a battle against an overpowered enemy.

Humanity loose the battle. They fail.

Micheal witnesses the final moments of the human race before he also dies.

But thanks to a strange artifact that Micheal can't even remember exactly where or when he found he is resurrected. Not only is he resurrected, but time rewinds 10 years until the moment he was first transported into this world.

Micheal now has only one goal. To save humanity. He plans on doing this by using his memories and experience from his previous life.


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Books like Reborn: Apocalypse (Reborn: Apocalypse #1)

The Two Week Curse (Ten Realms #1) by Michael Chatfield

The Two Week Curse Book Cover 2
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Erik and Rugrat are both combat veterans, Erik is a combat medic and Rugrat is a Marine Recon sniper. During a mercenary trip guarding some shady copper mine owners, they are caught in an ambush and Erik ends up losing his legs and his arm.

And to top it off, they both get the Two Week Curse.

It's a strange sickness where they get a strange message saying that they have been randomly selected to join the Ten Realms. And that one may choose to ascend the Ten Realms, thereupon making a request to the Gods of the Realms.

People who get this curse dissipates in a bright flash after exactly two weeks.

As the harden veterans they are, they do their best to prepare for what is going to happen. When the two weeks are up they are teleported to a new strange world where people can rank up as in a game and cultivate their internal power.

Is Ten Realms good?

The Ten Realms Series is not the absolute best of its genre, but it is absolutely worth reading. Especially for people that are interested in the LitRPG and Cultivation/Wuxia genres.

It's interesting to see how Erik and Rugrat use their military knowledge and comradery to take on their new strange circumstances.

One of the major problems with the series is that Eric and Rugrath soon become too powerful. And the initial preparation part before they get to the new world is too long.

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The Land: Founding (Chaos Seeds #1)

The Land: Founding Book Cover 2
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James and his friends were among the top teams on the newest and greatest VRMMORPG game, The Land. When they were riding a new dungeon he was separated from his friends.

A game boss, or so hi thinks, asks him a question.

After answering the same question three times he is suddenly transferred to the real planet that the game was based on.

James still has access to his character sheets and delves into this real game, where he now is called Richter.

Richter quickly finds himself dragged into an age-old war. A war between forest sprites and goblins. At the same time, he also ends up in control of his own village that he has to grow.

Is Chaos Seeds good?

The Chaos Seeds books are so far among the best LitRPG books I have read, atlas among the LitRPG book that goes all-in with the game mechanic.

Richter's story is captivating, funny, and a little addictive. I feel like I'm playing the adventure I'm reading and it's always interesting when Richter levels up or finds new loot.

The only thing I hate about this series is the author, he has been attempting to trademark the LitRPG genre. He's a greedy bastard, but his books are good.

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Street Cultivation (Street Cultivation #1) by Sarah Lin

Street Cultivation cover
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Rick is a young fighter. To support himself and his sister he is working as a sparring partner at a local gym. Helping people strengthen their cores in exchange for some meager coin.

He does not dream of becoming an all-powerful immortal cultivator. But he wants to be more than just a human punching bag.

The main reason Rick works as a human punching bag is for his sister. She has a deadly disease that is costly to keep at bay. Working at the gym is the only way Rick sees that can earn enough to pay for her medical needs.

Getting the treatment for her deadly spiritual disease is not easy. And being born by poor parents that have left them by themselves surrounded by scavenging relatives makes this a daunting task.

It does not help that they live in a world where power makes right. A world controlled by powerful corporations and modernized martial arts sects. A world where those at the bottom of society often find themselves at mercy by those higher up in the power chain.

Is Street Cultivation good?

Street Cultivation is a good and interesting twist on the LitRPG genre. It mixes in both elements from the Wuxia genre and cyberpunk elements.

It's a good story that also contains slice-of-life elements. It's more than just cultivation and level-ups.

Street Cultivation is a good book series that is worth checking out.

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Ritualist (Completionist Chronicles #1) by Dakota Krout

Ritualist Completionist Chronicles, Book 1 cover
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Joe is an army medic that had an accident at work and has become a quadriplegic with no chance of getting healthy again. When he is given the option to permanently transition his consciousness into a virtual world, a game, he takes it.

When he enters the game he is given the option of picking a special class, a ritualist. Its a class with huge potential, but it also has the drawback that if anyone discovers his class, he will be hunted down.

Is Completionist Chronicles good?

The Ritualist (Completionist Chronicles) is among the best LitRPG books I have read so far.

Joe does not have a typical fighting class, and he is not turned into aMary Sue character. The story is interesting, and I love the game elements and character leveling in this book.

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Unsouled (Cradle #1) by Will Wight

Unsouled (Cradle Book 1) Book Cover
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Life energy known as madra is the basis of civilization on the world of Cradle.

Everyone has madra inside themself.

Sacred artist level up their madra by using different forms of training and ingesting elixirs and spirit-fruits.

The common stages of madra levels a person can reach are Copper to Iron, to Jade, and then to Gold. After Gold, who knows what comes next.

Wei Shi Lindon is a member of the Silverfox Clan. They live in hidden Sacred Valley isolated from the rest of the world.

Lindon is an unsouled.

Unsouled is someone unfit to harness the power of madra. Their madra core does not have an affinity for any element. Making them unlikely to advance their madra levels.

Lindon is unwilling to accept his low status. He is determined to do everything he can to prove his worth. He is willing to risk everything to become a sacred artist.

A tragic event unfolds in the valley, an event that makes a diety takes action. This diety shows Lindon a path to advancement, a path that will take him out of the Sacred Valley.

Can Lindon capable to leave the Sacred Valley, and will he, an unsouled, be able to survive outside it?

Is Cradle good?

Cradle is a fast-paced fantasy adventure series where the main characters keep growing in power. In some ways, it can resemble a shounen anime.

Cradle is a very good cultivation book series. It has most of the elements a cultivation book should have, and it presents it in a good way with a good story.

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Darkening Skies (Path of the Thunderbird #1) by Eden Hudson

Darkening Skies, Path of the Thunderbird Book 1 Cover
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Ji Yu Raijin was abandoned as a child outside the warrior arts school of the path of darkening skies. They take him in and teach him to fight and cultivate his life force according to their teachings.

The path of darkening skies is one of many ancient noble warrior arts. But less and less of them remain as one of the other hidden paths are slowly taking out their competition.

After tragedy strikes the school for the path of darkening skies Ji Yu Raijin is left with a dire choice.

In another part of the world, the second princess Shyong San Koida is to be married to a barbarian leader in a political marriage. The princess was born with a broken life force, so this is the only thing she can do for her family.

But hidden forces within the court conspire to stop the union and obliterate the Shyong San dynasty at all costs.

The fates of Ji Yu Raijin and the princess are intertwined with the hidden sect bent on destroying not only them but the entire world.

Is Path of the Thunderbird good?

Path of the Thunderbird is a very good cultivation Wuxia/Xanxia book series. It is a good story with good pacing and the cultivation (Wuxia/Xanxia) elements are excellent.

If you like cultivation books then this is a must-read.

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The Dao of Magic (The Dao of Magic #1) by Andries Louws

The Dao of Magic Book Cover
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Drew is a thousand-year-old cultivator, and he is about to ascend to a higher existence.

But as he begins the process he finds out that he has pissed off one too many demigods. During the fight, he was slapped down to a lower realm of existence by something powerful.

When Drew wakes up in this lower realm he finds it very different than what he is used to. He sets out to change it to something more familiar so he can reclaim what he once had.

Is The Dao of Magic good?

The Dao of Magic is a decent cultivation book series. It is not a typical cultivation story, but it is interesting. It's worth reading if you like cultivation stories or LitRPG books.

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The Mayor of Noobtown (Noobtown #1) by Ryan Rimmel

The Mayor of Noobtown Book Cover
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Jim has just died and something strange has happened. He is in a room where he can pick between different classes. Just like in a game.

After some intense events connected to him still having his memories and a strange trait called unbound, Jim is transferred to a dangerous and new world. A world that acts very similar to a video game.

Jim finds himself in a new player zone for low-level adventurers. Unfortunately, the zone fell out of use centuries ago, and the monsters have taken over the place. Jim is the only player around in this zone. Even the town has no friendly NPCs around, only monsters.


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Defiance of the Fall by TheFirstDefier

Defiance of the Fall Cover
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Zac was alone in the middle of the forest when the world changed.

The whole planet was introduced to the multiverse by an unfeeling System... or God. A universe where an endless number of races and civilizations fought for power and dominion.

Zac finds himself stuck in the wilderness surrounded by deadly beasts, demons, and worse. Alone, lost and without answers, he must find the means to survive and get stronger in this new cut-throat reality.

With only a hatchet for his weapon, he'll have to seek out his family before the world collapses... or die trying.

Defiance of the Fall can be found on Royal Road.

About the series: Defiance of the Fall is in the System Apocalypse, LitRPG, Wuxia, and Progression Fantasy genres. It mixes LitRPG elements with Eastern cultivation. It has class systems, skill systems, endless choices for progression, and town building. Follow Zac as he struggles to stake out a unique path to power as a mortal in a world full of cultivators.

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He Who Fights With Monsters by Travis Deverell

He Who Fights With Monsters Cover
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Jason wakes up in a mysterious world of magic and monsters.

He will face off against cannibals, cultists, wizards, monsters, and that's just the first day. He's going to need courage, he's going to need wit and he's going to need some magic powers of his own. But first, he's going to need pants.

Can Jason survive the change from being an office-supplies-store middle manager to becoming a heroic interdimensional adventurer?

We follow Jason as he makes a place for himself in a world that is strange, yet sometimes strangely familiar. From somewhat familiar inhabitants to a magical interface that looks like his RPG games. He will meet everything from crime lords to nobles, monsters to gods on his adventurous path.

You can find He Who Fights With Monsters on Royal Road and on Scribble Hub

About the series: He Who Fights With Monsters is in the Isekai, LitRPG, Portal Fantasy, Progression Fantasy genres with some political intrigue and humor. The progression system combines cultivation and traditional LitRPG elements and plenty of loot. Jason is a laid-back Australia that gains some suspiciously evil powers.

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The Legend of Randidly Ghosthound by Noret Flood

The Legend of Randidly Ghosthound Cover
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Randidly Ghosthound felt lost and alone even before the System transformed the Earth. Before every person had to deal with the sudden presence of Levels, Skills, monsters, and the very real possibility of death.

When the world changes Randidly was walking through an underground tunnel. Because of his location, he starts in a dungeon far above his level. Luckily he meets a powerful mysterious dungeon traveler that teaches him some of what he needs to survive in this dangerous new world.

After several hellish months, Randidly is able to escape the dungeon, only to learn that just half a day has passed on Earth. Because of this time dilation, Randidly is now one of the more powerful people around.

About the series: The Legend of Randidly Ghosthound is in the System Aploclyps, LitRPG/GameLit, and Progression Fantasy genres. There are Classes, Skills, Levels, and more that are familiar to fans of these genres.

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Rogue Dungeon: A litRPG Adventure (The Rogue Dungeon #1) by James A. Hunter

Rogue Dungeon: A litRPG Adventure Book Cover
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Roark von Graf is a hedge mage, lesser noble, and a freedom fighter. When a desperate plan to unseat the Tyrant King fails, Roark finds himself in a strange and dire situation.

Roark escapes in a strange portal that sends him into an ultra-immersive fantasy video game called Hearthworld.

He can't log out, his magic is acting strangely, and he is no longer human.

Roark is now a low-level troll.

He has to guard the first level of a dungeon from players wanting to go dungeon crawling.

But if that was not enough. Roark stole something precious from the Tyrant King, something valuable enough that he uses his magic to send underlings into the game to hunt down Roark.

Can Roark become powerful enough to survive and get back to his world?

Rogue Dungeon is a mix of LitRPG and Dungeon Core. And its a collaboration between two good authors.

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Apocalypse: Generic System by Macronomicon

Apocalypse: Generic System Cover
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Two months after Jeb Trapper tried to kill himself he is participating in a trial to use ecstasy to treat his PTSD from his time as a soldier. Everything seemed to be going great until a message is sent to everyone in the world.

The System has Been Installed.

Everyone is given a choice of a few different tutorials to teach them about the system. The difference is the difficulty level. The levels go from easy to impossible.

There is just one problem. Jeb Trapper is high as a kite, and nothing seems Impossible.

Jeb needs to use some brains, a bit of engineering and crafting combined with some magic, and a lot of fighting with help from new companions to try to make the impossible possible.

Apocalypse: Generic System can be found on Royal Road

About the series: Apocalypse: Generic System is a System Apocolypse, LitRPG, with some cultivation-like elements.

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Life in the North (The System Apocalypse #1) by Tao Wong

Life in the North Cover
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John just wanted to get away from his life in Kluane National Park for a weekend. Spend some time in the wilderness, hike, vamp, and just chill. Instead, he wakes up to a series of blue windows and the world ending. Animals start evolving, monsters spawn around him, and he suddenly has a character sheet and physics-defying skills. Because of his wilderness hike, John starts this new world in a very high-level zone. Now, he has to survive the apocalypse, get back to civilization, and not lose his mind. Luckily he got some extra starting options because of his unfair starting location.

Stuck in the North with the world ending, how will John and other Yukoners survive the coming apocalypse?

About the series: The System Apocalypse is in the System Apocolypse, LitRPG, Progression Fantasy, and Isekai like genres. Like most System Apocolypse books it is set in our modern world, but it has been drastically changed by a game-like system that has taken over. It contains violence, gore, and profanity.

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Mother of Learning: ARC 1 (Mother of Learning #1) by Domagoj Kurmaic

Mother of Learning: ARC 1
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Zorian is a teenage mage with slightly above-average skill. He is starting his third year at Cyoria's magical academy. He is desperately driven to ensure his future and free himself of the influence of his family, whom he resents for blatantly favoring his brothers over him. He has no time for pointless interactions or to care for others.

However Zorian is about to get all the time he wants, maybe even too much of it. And he plans to take full advantage of it to become stronger.

The day he wakes up to start his new school year he suddenly finds himself trapped in a time loop. It has no clear end or exists, the rules for when it starts over also keep changing. Zorian does not only need to become strong for his own sake, he needs all the strength he can muster to unravel the mysteries of this time loop he is trapped in. And he has to be careful. The loop was clearly not made for him, and in a world of magic there is no certainty that you will start over safe the next turn.

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Animes like Reborn: Apocalypse (Reborn: Apocalypse #1)

Re: Zero - Starting Life in Another World

Re: Zero - Starting Life in Another World Anime Cover
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As Subaru Natsuki leaves the convenience store he is transported into a fantasy world. He soon gets attacked by some brutes but he is saved by the mysterious beauty named Satella. She stumbled upon him as she was pursuing a thief that stole her insignia. Subaru offers to help in her search for the thief as thanks for the rescue.

Later that night Subaru finds the thief, but unbeknownst to them, a much darker force stalks the pair from the shadows.

Just minutes after locating the insignia, Subaru and Satella are brutally murdered. However, Subaru immediately reawakens.

Subaru finds himself confronted by the same group of brutes and meeting Satella all over again. The exact same way, but they don't remember him.

Is Re: Zero - Starting Life in Another World good?

Re: Zero is darker than most anime in this genre, and the groundhog day like aspect to it also differs from the norm. Its a good and different anime in its genre.

Re: Zero is a very good anime.

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The Twelve Kingdoms

Anime cover: The Twelve Kingdoms
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Nakajima Youko is your average high school girl, but one day, a man named Keiki come to her. He is swearing his allegiance to her and before she could understand what happens demon-like creatures attack Youko.

As this is happening Youko and her friends are pulled into a different world, a world, unlike anything they have ever seen.

So begins an epic adventure.

Is The Twelve Kingdoms good?

The Twelve Kingdoms are a really great anime.

It`s a must-watch for any anime fan and other people might also like it.

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ERASED anime cover

Satoru Fujinuma is a detached 29-year-old struggling manga artist.

Satoru has the supernatural ability to go back in time before someone dies to prevent it. He calls his ability Revival.

But when Satoru is wrongfully accused of murdering someone close to him he is sent back 18 years in the past. Only to find himself as a grade-schooler again.

Soon, he realizes that the current murder may be connected to the abduction and killing of one of his classmates.

This is his chance to make things right. Both in the past and the present.

Is ERASED good?

ERASED is an OK anime. If your looking for a new anime and want a mystery drama with time travel elements then thin might be for you.

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Sword Art Online

Anime cover: Sword Art Online
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Sword Art Online (SAO), a massive online role-playing game, is launched.

It uses "NerveGear" technology, a technology that lets players control their avatars within the game using nothing but their own thoughts.

Kazuto Kirigaya is one player among ten-thousand others that logs on to SAO as it launches. He was a beta tester for the game, so he has a leg up over most of the others.

The players soon realize they cannot log out. The game’s creator has trapped them in his new world until they complete all one hundred levels of the game.

Is Sword Art Online good?

The animation and sound work is good. Sword Art Online worth watching, but only if you like this kind of animes.

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Log Horizon

Log Horizon Anime Cover 2
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MMORPG gamers find themself transported into the game they play.

Shiroe and the others in Log Horizon attempt to live their lives out in the new world they find themselves trapped in.

They form governments, deal with NPCs and other players.

Is Log Horizon good?

Log Horizon is a very good anime. It`s about more than simple fighting.

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TV-Shows like Reborn: Apocalypse (Reborn: Apocalypse #1)


Tv Show cover: Dominion
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Dominion is set 25 years after "The Extinction War". That was when an army of lower angels, assembled by the archangel Gabriel, waged war against mankind. In this war the archangel Michael turned against his own kind and chose to side with humanity. He lives now as a guardian in the fortified city of Vega where he help humanity to survive against Gabriel and his minions.

Is Dominion good?

Dominion is a very good show set in a post-apocalyptic world dominated by angles.

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Falling Skies

Tv Show cover: Falling Skies
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Falling Skies starts in the aftermath of an alien attack. An attack that has left most of the world completely incapacitated.

Humanity has for the most part lost.

The few remaining survivors have banded together in a last desperate attempt to survive.

Each day is a test of survival as they work to protect against the occupying alien force, whose purpose remains a mystery.

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Tv Show cover: Defiance
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The year is 2046 and over 30 years have passed since the aliens arrived.

They drastically altered earth by terraforming it and colonizing it.

In the frontier town of Defiance, the different alien species and humans are living side by side.

This, of course, is not without tension between the different spices. It makes for a lot of small, and not so small, problems to overcome.

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