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Anime cover: Log Horizon

We have compiled the best list of similar recommendations to the Log Horizon anime that we could make. Most of our recommendations are other similar anime shows, but some recommendations are from other mediums.

Log Horizon is an Isekai anime, and you can check out this article for more general Isekai anime recommendations.

Isekai animes are closely related to the LitRPG genre for books. You can check out this article for some recommendations and information about LitRPG books. And check out this article for some Dungeon Core recommendations. Dungeon core is also closely related to the Isekai and LitRPG genres.


MMORPG gamers find themself transported into the game they play.

Shiroe and the others in Log Horizon attempt to live their lives out in the new world they find themselves trapped in.

They form governments, deal with NPCs and other players.

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Animes like Log Horizon


Anime cover: Overlord
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Momonga is a powerful wizard and master of the dark guild Ainz Ooal Gown int the popular virtual reality game Yggdrasil.

The final hour before the game shuts down for god has come and he decides to stay logged in during this event.

To his surprise, despite the clock having struck midnight, and all the servers should have been shut down, Momonga is still fully conscious inside his game character.

What's even more strange is that all the NPCs appear to suddenly have developed personalities of their own.

Surprised by this strange occurrence, Momonga decides to investigate and take control of this new world to figure out the cause and to see if there are others like him.

Is Overlord good?

I recommend this anime, but only if you like this genre. Its one of the better "trapped in RPG game world" animes.

Why is Overlord recommended?

Overlord is another excellent Isekai anime. In both animes, there are people stuck in a game.

In Overlord only the main character is stuck while in Log Horizon there are thousands of people that are stuck.

The main character in Overlord does not want to return to the real world while in Log Horizon they want to return.

In Overlord the main character want to build up his power to rule the world while in Log Horizon he only wants to create a community between the players that are stuck and the NPCs.

If you like Log Horizon then Overlord is a good recommendation. They have many similarities, and its a very good show.

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That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Anime Cover
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Satoru Mikami s a typical Thirty-seven-year-old corporate worker. The only thing he misses in his life is a girlfriend, otherwise he is is perfectly content with his monotonous lifestyle in Tokyo.

During a regular encounter on the street with a coworker, Satoru is suddenly stabbed by a random assailant. While he is dying he hears a voice in his mind reciting a bunch of commands that he can make any sense of.

When Satoru awakens he discovers that he has reincarnated as a goop of slime in an unfamiliar world. It's a game-like world with skills and stats and Satoru has gained the power to devour anything and mimic its appearance and abilities.

Satoru meats the sealed Catastrophe-Level monster Storm Dragon Veldora who had been sealed away for the past 300 years. Satoru befriends him and promising to assist in destroying the seal. In return, Veldora gives Satoru the name Rimuru Tempest to grant him divine protection. In this world name has power.

Rimuru starts his journey in the world and as he grows accustomed to his new life his actions ripple throughout the world and gradually alter his fate.

Is That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime good?

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime is a good Isakai anime. 

Rimuru becomes somewhat overpowered but he is a fine central character. It a decent story where Rimuru meats interesting friends and build a community.

Why is That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime recommended?

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime is another excellent Isekai anime. It also has a main character that is transported, reborn in this case, into another game-like world, and their main task is to establish, create and maintain a new type of society that benefits the world they were transported in to.

Rimuru is much more overpowered than Shiroe. He/She is also a slime, not a human being anymore.

If you like Log Horizon then That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime is a good recommendation for a similar anime. It is also very good.

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Code Geass

Anime cover: Code Geass
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Lelouch Lamperouge is an abandoned prince of the Holy Britannian Empire. He hides his true identity as a student in the colonized territory of Area 11, formerly known as Japan.

He acquires the power of "Geass" from the mysterious girl named C.C., which enables him to command anyone to obey his orders.

After obtaining the "Geass" he starts to wear the mask of Zero and begins his rebellion against his own father's empire. He wants to take revenge for his assassinated mother.

Is Code Geass good?

Code Geass is an excellent anime. It is one of the better animes I have ever watched.

Why is Code Geass recommended?

Unlike Log Horizon, Code Geass is a sci-fi show, and its not set in a game. It's not an Isekai anime.

But the main character in Code Geass is also devilishly clever. They are both excellent strategists and leaders, and none of them is a one-man army, they both need other people on their team.

Both shows have lots of politics and they have deep and interesting characters.

Another difference is that Code Geass is more bloody and ruthless.

Code Geass is a show that everyone that watches animes should watch.

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Sword Art Online

Anime cover: Sword Art Online
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Sword Art Online (SAO), a massive online role-playing game, is launched.

It uses "NerveGear" technology, a technology that lets players control their avatars within the game using nothing but their own thoughts.

Kazuto Kirigaya is one player among ten-thousand others that logs on to SAO as it launches. He was a beta tester for the game, so he has a leg up over most of the others.

The players soon realize they cannot log out. The game’s creator has trapped them in his new world until they complete all one hundred levels of the game.

Is Sword Art Online good?

The animation and sound work is good. Sword Art Online worth watching, but only if you like this kind of animes.

Why is Sword Art Online recommended?

Sword Art Online is also a story about people stuck in a game. Game mechanics are an important part of both animes. The main character in Sword Art Online is more of a loner than the main character in Log Horizon. He is an excellent gamer but more of a fighter than a leader and a strategist like the main character inLog Horizon is.

If you like Log Horizon then you should check out Sword Art Online. It's a good show with many similarities.

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No Game No Life

Anime cover: No Game No Life
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Two siblings with social problems and gigantic gaming addiction are selected and sent into an alternate universe.

This universe is about gaming. All conflict and problems are solved by games. No murder or violence is possible.

They set out to get enough power and influence by winning games so they can play against the god of this universe, the god of gaming.

Is No Game No Life good?

The premise of this anime sounds a little silly, but the anime turns out to be really good.

If you like anime and gaming, then this is a must-watch.

Why is No Game No Life recommended?

No Game No Life is also an Isekai anime. Instead of being stuck in a game world, they are transported to another world where every conflict is solved by playing games.

If you like Sword Art Online then No Game No Life will most likely be to your liking. It is also a very good anime.

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Grimgar: Ashes and Illusions

Grimgar: Ashes and Illusions Anime Cover
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People are thrown into a foreign land with nothing but hazy memories and the knowledge of their name. This group of strangers is given no other choice than to accept the only paying job in this game-like world, the role of a soldier in the Reserve Army

The Reserve Army has one goal, to eliminate anything that threatens the people in the world of Grimgar.

All the strong people join together and those remaining have to band together to survive in this world.

One such group of leftovers is lead by the charismatic priest Manato. The other members are the nervous thief Haruhiro, the cheerful hunter Yume, the shy mage Shihoru, the kind warrior Mogxo, the rowdy dark knight Ranta. Together they struggle to survive this harsh world.

Despite its game-like resemblance, this is no game. There are no respawns or do-overs. 

Grimgar is a kill or be killed world.

Is Grimgar: Ashes and Illusions good?

Grimgar: Ashes and Illusions is a good Isekai anime.

It's more Grim and Dark than most other anime in this genre.

It focuses more on the Mental and Emotional struggles of surviving in an RPG game-like world with no memories and having to kill goblins to survive.

Grimgar is more suited for an older audience than most other anime in this genre.

Why is Grimgar: Ashes and Illusions recommended?

Grimgar is another very good Isekai anime. It also has people transported to a gamelike world. It is more serious and has ha darker an more gloomy vibe than Log Horizon.

If you like Log Horizon then Grimgar is a good recommendation for another anime.

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Anime cover: .hack//Sign
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Tsukasa, a young Wavemaster, wakes up in the MMORPG calledThe World with amnesia.

He does do not remember what he did before waking up in the game and being unable to log out from the game. He wanders around looking for answers.

Is .hack//Sign good?

.hack//Sign is an OK anime.

I remember loving it the first time, but it was not as good the second time.

Why is .hack//Sign recommended?

Both shows are Isekai animes of the trapped in a game variant.

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The Rising of the Shield Hero

The Rising of the Shield Hero Anime Cover
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Naofumi Iwatani is an otaku from Japan. He and three other Japanese people are summoned to another world to become The Four Cardinal Heroes.

The Four Cardinal Heroes are respectively given a sword, spear, bow, and shield. They are each called the Sword Hero, the Spear Hero, the Bow Hero, and lastly the Shield Hero.

Their task is to vanquish Waves of monsters. The Waves are monsters summoned from another plane to attack and destroy everything. They are summoned in regular waves.

Naofumi is cursed with the fate of becoming the Shield Hero

Armed with only a measly shield, Naofumi is belittled and ridiculed by his fellow heroes and the kingdom's people due to his weak offensive capabilities. His lackluster personality does also not help his case.

They were summoned by the kingdom of Melromarc. The kingdom provides the heroes with some recourses and comrades to train with to prepare for the Waves

The only person willing to help Naofumi, the Shield Hero, is Malty Melromarc, a princess of the kingdom. However, she soon betrays him by stealing his resources and falsy causing him of taking advantage of her.

This causes Naofumi to be discriminated against and hated by the people of Melromarc for something he didn't do.

Full of hurt and mistrust Naofumi begins his journey of strengthening himself. He buys the demi-human Raphtalia, a slave on the verge of death. He wants her to accompany him on his travels.

Raphtaliathe is the sword to Naofumis shield.

Is The Rising of the Shield Hero good?

The Rising of the Shield Hero is a good anime. It's interesting to watch the main character dealing with having everyone against him and growing stronger.

It has an interesting gamelike progression and a decent story and characters.

This anime is not a masterpiece, it's not among the best. It's only recommended if you like anime or like these kinds of Isekai/LitRPG kind of stories.

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Demon Lord, Retry!

Demon Lord, Retry! Anime Cover
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Akira Oono is a developer and manager of the MMORPG Infinity Game. After fifteen years up and running, Oono decides to shut the servers down once and for all.

However, as Oono shuts the game down, he somehow finds himself in the game world. He finds himself in the body of middle-aged Hakuto Kunai, Infinity Game's Demon Lord!

The first thing Oono, now Hakuto, witnesses is a girl being chased by a demon. Hakuto effortlessly dispatches the creature, but he is concerned. He does not remember creating the girl called Aku or the demon his name was Greole.

Hakuto starts doubting that he is in the game world of his creation.

Hakuto brings Aku along as his guide as he starts to investigate his circumstances. Together they set out on a journey to find out exactly who or what summoned Hakuto to this fantasy world.

Is Demon Lord, Retry! good?

Demon Lord, Retry! is a mediocre anime. It is many of the standard anime cliches and the plot is not that good.

It is only worth watching if you love like gameworld themes. 

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Ragnarok: The Animation

Anime cover: Ragnarok: The Animation
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Set in the popular Korean MMORPG Ragnarok; the young swordsman Roan and his life-long companion, the acolyte Yufa, must face an ever-growing evil that is sweeping over the realm.

Is Ragnarok: The Animation good?

Ragnarok: The Animation is an OK-ish anime. If you are a fan of the game or like this kind of animes then go for it. But be warned, it`s not that similar to the game.

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Scrapped Princess

Anime cover: Scrapped Princess
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Pacifica Cassul is a girl with a bad destiny. She is the Scrapped Princess, a girl who, according to prophecy, is the poison that will destroy the world.

This means that people want her dead.

But her siblings have sworn to protect her. Her brother Shannon is a master with the sword and her sister Raquel who is a dangerous magician.

Is Scrapped Princess good?

Scrapped Princess is an anime in the fantasy genre. I have watched it twice and loved it both times. Absolutely worth a watch.

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Books like Log Horizon

We have compiled a list of book recommendations similar to Log Horizon. So if you want to read books similar to Log Horizon then keep reading.

Name of the Wind (Kingkiller Chronicle #1) by Patrick Rothfuss

Book cover: Name of the Wind
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Kingkiller Chronicle is a first-person story of a young man who grows to be the most notorious magician his world has ever seen.

From his childhood in a troupe of traveling players, and to his years spent as an orphan suer rat in a crime-ridden city. Then to his daring yet successful gamble to enter a legendary school of magic. And then how he learns magic and grows to become the notorious magician he once will become.

Is Kingkiller Chronicle good?

This book starts out a little slow, but it becomes one of the better fantasy books there is.

Kingkiller Chronicle is a must-read for any fantasy book lover.

Sadly it looks like Rothfuss is starting to compete with George RR Martin on who is the slowest.

Why is Kingkiller Chronicle recommended?

Kingkiller Chronicles is an epic fantasy book series. The only common element it has with the Isekai and LitRPG genres is the medieval fantasy setting. But the main character in both the Kingkiller Chronicles and in Log Horizon are very clever people that have to rely on their wits and not their power alone.

Kingkiller Chronicles are good books, but not that similar to Log Horizon.

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Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

Book cover: Ready Player One
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Wade Watts is a poor teen living with his aunt in the stacks, a trailer park with the trailers stacked atop each other. A place for the poor.

Wade only feels alive when he`s inside the OASIS, a popular online game that most of the world is obsessed with.

Even with the basic headgear and gloves, it's almost like you are inside the game. It gets even better for those with the money for specialized bodysuits.

The creator of OASIS, James Halliday, told everyone before he died that he had hidden an easter egg inside the game. And whoever finds it first will inherit his entire multi-billion-dollar fortune.

Wade is among the most dedicated hunters that label themselves as gunters. To find the egg they study the life of Halliday, especially his earlier days in the 80s. And gunters are really dedicated to their studies.

When Wade is the first to find the first clue thing takes a nasty turn when he discovers that people are willing to kill him in the real world to get it.

Is Ready Player One by Ernest Cline good?

This book is full of pop culture from the 80s, especially the cool nerdy stuff. Sadly I`m a little too young to have experienced the 80s pop culture, but I know some of it, and it is still cool.

It is all those references that make the book shine the most, Ready Player One would not be as good without it. Other VR themed books are better.

Why is Ready Player One by Ernest Cline recommended?

The protagonist in both Log Horizon and in Ready Player One are very clever people. The main similarity is the game elements. The characters in Ready Player One are not stuck in the game and the story takes part both inside the game world and in the real world.

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Ender's Game (The Ender Quintet #1) by Orson Scott Card

Book cover: Ender's Game
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The earth's government agencies started to breed child geniuses to train as soldiers. All in order to develop a secure defense against a hostile alien race.

The brilliant young boy Andrew "Ender" Wiggin is drafted to the orbiting Battle School for rigorous military training.

Ender's skills make him a leader among his peers and respected in the Battle Room, where they play at mock battles in zero gravity.

Will Ender become the great general Earth needs to survive?

Is The Ender Quintet good?

Do not judge a book by its author's personal views. This is an excellent book, and you should not forego it because of Orson Scott Card's stupid personal views.

Why is The Ender Quintet recommended?

Ende`s Game is not a fantasy book or a LitRPG book, but it's a good book series. Ender is a highly intelligent character, just like Shiroe. But Ender is initially younger.

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The Two Week Curse (Ten Realms #1) by Michael Chatfield

The Two Week Curse: Ten Realms, Book 1 cover
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Erik and Rugrat are both combat veterans, Erik is a combat medic and Rugrat is a Marine Recon sniper. During a mercenary trip guarding some shady copper mine owners, they are caught in an ambush and Erik ends up losing his legs and his arm.

And to top it off, they both get the Two Week Curse.

It's a strange sickness where they get a strange message saying that they have been randomly selected to join the Ten Realms. And that one may choose to ascend the Ten Realms, thereupon making a request to the Gods of the Realms.

People who get this curse dissipates in a bright flash after exactly two weeks.

As the harden veterans they are, they do their best to prepare for what is going to happen. When the two weeks are up they are teleported to a new strange world where people can rank up as in a game and cultivate their internal power.

Is Ten Realms good?

The Ten Realms Series is not the absolute best of its genre, but it is absolutely worth reading. Especially for people that are interested in the LitRPG and Cultivation/Wuxia genres.

It's interesting to see how Erik and Rugrat use their military knowledge and comradery to take on their new strange circumstances.

One of the major problems with the series is that Eric and Rugrath soon become too powerful. And the initial preparation part before they get to the new world is too long.

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The Land: Founding (Chaos Seeds #1)

Book cover: The Land: Founding
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James and his friends were among the top teams on the newest and greatest VRMMORPG game, The Land. When they were riding a new dungeon he was separated from his friends.

A game boss, or so hi thinks, asks him a question.

After answering the same question three times he is suddenly transferred to the real planet that the game was based on.

James still has access to his character sheets and delves into this real game, where he now is called Richter.

Richter quickly finds himself dragged into an age-old war. A war between forest sprites and goblins. At the same time, he also ends up in control of his own village that he has to grow.

Is Chaos Seeds good?

The Chaos Seeds books are so far among the best LitRPG books I have read, atlas among the LitRPG book that goes all-in with the game mechanic.

Richter's story is captivating, funny, and a little addictive. I feel like I'm playing the adventure I'm reading and it's always interesting when Richter levels up or finds new loot.

The only thing I hate about this series is the author, he has been attempting to trademark the LitRPG genre. He's a greedy bastard, but his books are good.

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Awaken Online: Catharsis (Awaken Online #1) by Travis Bagwell

Awaken Online: Catharsis book cover
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Jason attends a prestigious private school and his parents are reasonably well off. But his parents are never home, and he is bullied by both students and faculty at this prestigious school.

Frustrated with his life, Jason escapes into the newly released full immersion VRMMORPG game Awaken Online.

Jason quickly finds himself on the path to be one of the game's greater villains. With his powerful necromantic power and newly won leadership of a new playable race, he becomes a target for all the rest.

Jason constantly logs on to the game for the freedom and power he gets in it. Something that he lacks in real life.

One of the reasons for Jasons growing power in the game is that one of the major AIs in Awaken Online has taken an interest in him, and in humanity.

Is Awaken Online good?

Awaken Online online is one of the best LitRPG series.

Usually, I don't like LitRPG books that are too much in the real world. But in this case, Travis Bagwell has managed to keep that part interesting too.

Awaken Online has interesting game mechanics, and I like how the AI overlords interact with the game.

Awaken Online is an amazing book series that is absolutely worth reading, especially if you like LitRPG books.

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Life Reset (New Era Online #1) by Shemer Kuznits

Life Reset: A LitRPG Novel: New Era Online, Book 1 cover
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New Era Online, NEO, is a full immersion virtual reality game.

Oren Berman is among the most powerful and influential players. He is the guild leader of one of the most power full guilds. In NEO the first person to discover a skill gives you the exclusive right to teach others the skill. Oren has some really good exclusive right, and together with being the guild leader he easily lives of what he makes in-game.

But all these changes when he is betrayed by his own guild commanders.

They use a rare item that transforms your character into a monster, permanently. Oren ends up as a level one goblin far into the uncharted monster territory. If Oren starts a new character he will loose his exclusive skills to the guild that betrayed him. What will he do?

Is New Era Online good?

Life Reset is an excellent LitRPG book. It has interesting game mechanics and character development.

It's fascinating to follow the main character. A person that starts out among the most powerful players, but then he is betrayed, changed to a monster race, and stuck in the game.

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Survival Quest (Way of the Shaman #1) by Vasily Mahanenko

Survival Quest, Way of the Shaman book 1
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Daniel Mahan is unjustly sentenced to prison for eight years. Like most other criminals he has to serve his sentence in a full immersion chamber put in a prison work camp in the VRMMORPG game Barliona.

Barliona is a medieval-like virtual world with monsters and other players.

The game has become so popular that players now choose to spend months online at a time without returning to the real world.

In Barliona, anything goes: You can assault fellow players, level up, become a mythical hero, or just get a regular medieval job if you like. The only rule is that no player is allowed to feel actual pain.

But there's an exception to every rule.

People in Daniel Mahan's position, prisoners, feel just as much pain as they do in real life. For them, Barliona has become their personal hell.

Is Way of the Shaman good?

Way of the Shaman is one of the best LitRPG series I have read, it's also one of the first, so that might affect my judgment.

It has both well-developed characters and a good story. The LitRPG elements are also done in a very good way, which is important.

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Dungeon Born (The Divine Dungeon #1) by Dakota Krout

Book cover: Dungeon Born
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Cal is a Dungeon Heart, a soul forced into a magical stone against his will.

After several years of only instinctive living, he was able to regain his sentience. This allowed him to form new memories again, and to slowly start growing a dungeon around himself.

With help from a small friend, Cal learned to create monsters and traps and how to use treasures to grow his dungeon. His main goal is to lure in brave adventures to eat so he can grow in both power and size.

Is The Divine Dungeon good?

Dungeon Born is one of the best books I have read in a while. This book is written in a light and funny way. For me it was new and fresh, it was the first Dungeon Core type books I read.

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