If you like "Ready Player One" by Ernest Cline, then you might enjoy...

Wade Watts is a poor teen living with his aunt in the stacks, a trailer park with the trailers stacked atop each other, a place for the poor. Wade only feels alive when he`s inside the OASIS, a popular online game that most of the world is obsessed with. Even with the basic headgear and gloves it's almost like you are inside the game, and it gets even better for those with the money for specialized body suits. The creator of OASIS, James Halliday, told every one before he died that he had hidden an easter egg inside the game, an whomever finds it first will inherit his entire multi-billion dollar fortune. Wade is among the most dedicated hunters that label themselves as gunters. To find the egg they study the life of Halliday, especially his earlier days in the 80s. When Wade is the first to find the first clue thing takes a nasty turn when he discovers that people are willing to kill him in the real world to get it.


We Are Legion (We Are Bob) (Bobiverse #1)

Book cover: We Are Legion (We Are Bob)
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Bob Johansson has just sold his software company and is looking forward to a life of leisure as a rich man. Sadly Bob dies in an accident right after this, but luckily for him; he has payed for a service to freeze his brain until we have the technology to put it into a new body. However, when he wakes up a century later he discovers that dead people has been declared to be without right, and he now finds himself as the property of the state. As if that wasn't enough, he has been uploaded into a computer and ordered to be to be the controlling AI of an interstellar von Neumann probe that is tasked with searching for habitable planets to be colonized. If he declines, he'll be switched off. If he accepts, he becomes the main target of competing states with similar projects.

Is We Are Legion (We Are Bob) good?

The Bobiverse series is the best sci-fi books I have read in a long while. Cant wait for the next in the series. Its full of references to interesting science and popular culture. Good story with good humor. Its also very interesting and funny how the different bobs interact with each other. Great books.

Why is We Are Legion (We Are Bob) recommended?

They are both funny and full of popular culture references.

Otherlife Dreams (The Selfless Hero Trilogy #1) by William D Arand

Book cover: Otherlife Dreams
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Runner and 499,000 men and women in an army space ship are trapped in a fantasy game. Runner is the only person from IT who could log everyone out safely, if he only remembered the password. The problem is that he remember almost nothing from the outside. Luckily he can get his memory back piece by piece by playing the game and leveling up. Another problem is that when you die in the game you also die in the real world. Runner has to flex his power gaming muscles to gain levels as fast as possible to save as many as possible by remembering the password.

Is Otherlife Dreams good?

The first book in the The Selfless Hero started out OK, at least if you have some interest in gaming. It might be boring if you do not like gaming and books in this genre. If it was not for a slight twist at the end I would probably not go for the next book in the series, but now I`m curious.

City of Golden Shadow (Otherland #1) by Tad Williams

Book cover: City of Golden Shadow
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Renie Sulaweyo's younger brother, Stephen, ends up in coma after visiting Mister J's, a virtual reality equivalent of the Hellfire Club on the Nets. After she discovers that other children also are found in coma while on the Nets she retraces her borthers steps she barely escapes Mister J`s with her mind intact. What follows is a series of mysterious and dangerous things that all indicates thath she has enraged someone with near unlimited power.

Is City of Golden Shadow good?

I usually like Tad Williams, but this series is not his best. It got a little to long, which usually do not bother me, but it did in this case. It is still worth a chance if you like this type of virtual reality books.

AlterWorld (Play to Live #1) by D. Rus

Book cover: AlterWorld
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A new pandemic has engulfed the world, it's called the perma effect. It makes it so that people might become stuck in the game they currently are playing online. Everything from Tetris to more involved mmos. Max is a terminal cancer patient and as others in his position often dos he grapes at the opportunity to be infected with the perma effect so he can live on, albeit in a game. Together with a few trusted friends he ends up in the AlterWorld .

Is AlterWorld good?

AlterWorld is a great start to a great series with interesting characters. If you like these kind of books where the main character is inside a game, then you will likely love this one.

Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson

Book cover: Snow Crash
Hiro Protagonist is a pizza delivery guy for Uncle Enzo’s CosoNostra Pizza Inc. Yes, you guessed correctly, the pizza restaurant belong to those guys. Hiro is also a hacker in the metaverse. He is plunging headlong into the enigma of a new computer virus that reaches out tho the physical body and strikes down hackers everywhere. Hiro runs down a search-and-destroy mission after the shadowy virtual villain threatening to bring about infocalypse. He runs down leads leading from state of the art research to ancient culture and legends.

Is Snow Crash good?

Snow Crash is a great book full of witty, sarcastic and ironic lines. It also has a good mix of computer science and old myths. Grate book.

Neuromancer by William Gibson

Book cover: Neuromancer
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Case had been the sharpest data-thief in the business, until vengeful former employees crippled his nervous system. But now a new and very mysterious employer recruits him for a last-chance run. The target: an unthinkably powerful artificial intelligence orbiting Earth in service of the sinister Tessier-Ashpool business clan.

Is Neuromancer good?

A great science fiction classic. Absolutely worth reading.


Log Horizon

Anime cover: Log Horizon
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MMORPG gamers find themself transported into the game they play. Shiroe and the others in Log Horizon attempt to live their lives out in the new world they find themselves trapped in. Form governemts, deal with NPCs and other players.

Is Log Horizon good?

Log Horizon is a very good anime. It`s about more than simple fighting.

Why is Log Horizon recommended?

The protagonist in both Log Horizon and in Ready Player One are very clever people,

Sword Art Online

Anime cover: Sword Art Online
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Sword Art Online (SAO), a massive online role-playing game, is launched. It uses "NerveGear" technology, a technology that lets players control their avatars within the game using nothing but their own thoughts. Kazuto Kirigaya is one player among ten-thousand others that logs on to SAO as it launches. The players soon realize they cannot log out. The game’s creator has trapped them in his new world until they complete all one hundred levels of the game.

Is Sword Art Online good?

The animation and sound work is good, but the rest, the important parts, is mediocre. It`s still absolutely worth watching, but only if you like this kind of animes.

No Game No Life

Anime cover: No Game No Life
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Two siblings with social problems and a gigantic gaming addiction are selected and sent into an alternate universe. This universe is about gaming. All conflict and problems are solved by games. No murder or violence are possible. They set out to get enough power and influence by winning game so they can play against the god of this universe, the god of gaming.

Is No Game No Life good?

The premiss of this anime sounds a little silly, but the anime turns out to be really good. If you like anime and gaming, then this is a must watch.

Hunter x Hunter

Anime cover: Hunter x Hunter
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Gon is a young boy that dreams of following in his fathers footsteps as a Hunter Hunters catch dangerous criminals, search for hidden treasures, charts new theories and other dangerous stuff. To to become a Hunter Gon first has to pass a notorious difficult Hunter exam. He set out on this path with the lively doctor-in-training Leorio, the vengeful Kurapika, and the rebellious ex-assassin Killuat.

Is Hunter x Hunter good?

Hunter X Hunter, especially the newest version, is among the best animes I have watches. Absolutely worth giving a try.


Anime cover: .hack//Sign
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Tsukasa, a young wavemaster, wakes up in the MMORPG called "The World" with amnesia. He dos not remember what he did before waking up in the game and being unable to log out from the game, he wanders around looking for answers.

Is .hack//Sign good?

.hack//Sign is an OK anime. I remember loving it the first time, but it was not as good the second time.