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If you like Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World- and want more similar to it, then we have the recommendations for you.

We have created a list of similar recommendations as Re:ZERO. Some are psychological and disturbing thrillers while others have common Isekai or time-loop elements. One thing they all have in common is that they should all be a good fit if you like Re:ZERO.

Re:ZERO is in the Isekai genre. You can go to this article if you want a list of the Best Isekai Anime Recommendations.

We have also added some book recommendations similar to Re:ZERO. Most of them fall into the LitRPG genre. Check out this article for some LitRPG genre recommendations and info about it.


As Subaru Natsuki leaves the convenience store he is transported into a fantasy world. He soon gets attacked by some brutes but he is saved by the mysterious beauty named Satella. She stumbled upon him as she was pursuing a thief that stole her insignia. Subaru offers to help in her search for the thief as thanks for the rescue.

Later that night Subaru finds the thief, but unbeknownst to them, a much darker force stalks the pair from the shadows.

Just minutes after locating the insignia, Subaru and Satella are brutally murdered. However, Subaru immediately reawakens.

Subaru finds himself confronted by the same group of brutes and meeting Satella all over again. The exact same way, but they don't remember him.

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Animes like Re: Zero - Starting Life in Another World


Steins;Gate Anime Cover 2
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The eccentric mad scientist Okabe and his colleagues have banded together to form the "Future Gadget Research Laboratory". Their goal is to invent cool futuristic gadgets.

They discover that their Phone Microwave, which transforms bananas into an oozing green gel, can also send text messages to the past. And the words they send can affect the flow of time and have unforeseen and far-reaching consequences.

Is Steins;Gate good?

Steins;Gate is one of the better animes that is ever created.

It`s a must-watch anime for all anime fans out there, even people that generally do not like animes might like this one.

Why is Steins;Gate recommended?

Re:Zero and Steins;Gate is animated by the White Fox studio. Both main characters also have time-traveling related abilities. Both of them also have to go thru incredible hardships to reach their goals. They both start out kind of powerless and caught in a spiral of disastrous events.

One of the main differences is that Steins;Gate is more of science fiction than a fantasy. It is set in modern times instead of a medieval-like alternative world. And the characters are slightly older.

If out like Re:Zero then you will probably also like Steins;Gate. It is also one of the best animes ever made.

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Sword Art Online

Anime cover: Sword Art Online
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Sword Art Online (SAO), a massive online role-playing game, is launched.

It uses "NerveGear" technology, a technology that lets players control their avatars within the game using nothing but their own thoughts.

Kazuto Kirigaya is one player among ten-thousand others that logs on to SAO as it launches. He was a beta tester for the game, so he has a leg up over most of the others.

The players soon realize they cannot log out. The game’s creator has trapped them in his new world until they complete all one hundred levels of the game.

Is Sword Art Online good?

The animation and sound work is good. Sword Art Online worth watching, but only if you like this kind of animes.

Why is Sword Art Online recommended?

Re:Zero and Sword Art Online are both very good Isekai Animes. Re:Zero is a transported to an alternative world type Isekai while Sword Art Online is a trapped in a Virtual World type Isekai.

Both Re:Zero and Sword Art Online have a huge fanbase with lots of cosplayers.

SAO has a more skilled main character and it has less focus on psychological themes, but it has some emotional ones. It is also not as dark.

If you like Re:Zerothen Sword Art Online is a good recommendation.

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ERASED anime cover

Satoru Fujinuma is a detached 29-year-old struggling manga artist.

Satoru has the supernatural ability to go back in time before someone dies to prevent it. He calls his ability Revival.

But when Satoru is wrongfully accused of murdering someone close to him he is sent back 18 years in the past. Only to find himself as a grade-schooler again.

Soon, he realizes that the current murder may be connected to the abduction and killing of one of his classmates.

This is his chance to make things right. Both in the past and the present.

Is ERASED good?

ERASED is an OK anime. If your looking for a new anime and want a mystery drama with time travel elements then thin might be for you.

Why is ERASED recommended?

Both Re:Zero and ERASED are time loop themed animes with dark themes. The main characters in both shows try to save the people around them with their time loop type of ability. They both have a heavy focus on emotional and psychological elements.

Some of the main differences are that ERASED is not an Isekai and it is set in modern japan.

If you like Re:Zero then you might also like ERASED. They lots of similarities even if they are in different genres. ERASED is also a very good anime.

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KonoSuba: God's Blessing on This Wonderful World!

KonoSuba: God's Blessing on This Wonderful World! Anime Cover
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Kazuma Satou is a shut-in high school student, a NEET, and he has just died on his way home from buying a game. Now he finds himself sitting before a beautiful but obnoxious goddess named Aqua.

Aqua makes Kazuma choose between going to heaven or to reincarnate in a real gamelike fantasy world. The gamer in Kazuma makes him choose the fantasy world option.

Aqua tasks Kazumawith defeating a Demon King who is terrorizing the fantasy world. Kazuma is given the option to choose one item of any kind to aid him in his quest. He chooses to take the goddess Aqua herself.

But Kazuma has made one grave mistake. Aqua is completely useless!

As if that is not enough, it turns out that actually living in a fantasy world is far different from how it is in games. Instead of going on a thrilling adventure, they must first work to pay for their living expenses.

Indeed, their misfortunes have only just begun!

Is KonoSuba: God's Blessing on This Wonderful World! good?

KonoSuba is a popular anime with a loyal fanbase.

It's not among the best animes, but it is absolutely worth watching if you like anime.

It has hilarious storylines, lovable characters, and stunning animation.

Why is KonoSuba: God's Blessing on This Wonderful World! recommended?

Both Re:Zero and KonoSuba are Isekai of the transported to another world type. Some of the characters also have some similarities to them.

They both also have a huge fanbase and lots of people cosplaying their characters.

Re:Zero has darker themes while KonoSuba has more comedy elements.

If you like Re:Zero then you will most likely also like KonoSuba, especially if you want something lighter and more humoristic.

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The Rising of the Shield Hero

The Rising of the Shield Hero Anime Cover
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Naofumi Iwatani is an otaku from Japan. He and three other Japanese people are summoned to another world to become The Four Cardinal Heroes.

The Four Cardinal Heroes are respectively given a sword, spear, bow, and shield. They are each called the Sword Hero, the Spear Hero, the Bow Hero, and lastly the Shield Hero.

Their task is to vanquish Waves of monsters. The Waves are monsters summoned from another plane to attack and destroy everything. They are summoned in regular waves.

Naofumi is cursed with the fate of becoming the Shield Hero

Armed with only a measly shield, Naofumi is belittled and ridiculed by his fellow heroes and the kingdom's people due to his weak offensive capabilities. His lackluster personality does also not help his case.

They were summoned by the kingdom of Melromarc. The kingdom provides the heroes with some recourses and comrades to train with to prepare for the Waves

The only person willing to help Naofumi, the Shield Hero, is Malty Melromarc, a princess of the kingdom. However, she soon betrays him by stealing his resources and falsy causing him of taking advantage of her.

This causes Naofumi to be discriminated against and hated by the people of Melromarc for something he didn't do.

Full of hurt and mistrust Naofumi begins his journey of strengthening himself. He buys the demi-human Raphtalia, a slave on the verge of death. He wants her to accompany him on his travels.

Raphtaliathe is the sword to Naofumis shield.

Is The Rising of the Shield Hero good?

The Rising of the Shield Hero is a good anime. It's interesting to watch the main character dealing with having everyone against him and growing stronger.

It has an interesting gamelike progression and a decent story and characters.

This anime is not a masterpiece, it's not among the best. It's only recommended if you like anime or like these kinds of Isekai/LitRPG kind of stories.

Why is The Rising of the Shield Hero recommended?

Re:Zero and The Rising of the Shield Hero are both very good Isekai animes. The main characters of both shows are transported to another fantasy world where they quickly find out that it is not exactly the fantasy world of their dreams. They both try to do their best in a world that is set against them.

Both shows are about the same level of quality for an Isekai anime. 

If you like one then you will probably also like the other.

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No Game No Life

No Game No Life Anime Cover 2
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Two siblings with social problems and gigantic gaming addiction are selected and sent into an alternate universe.

This universe is about gaming. All conflict and problems are solved by games. No murder or violence is possible.

They set out to get enough power and influence by winning games so they can play against the god of this universe, the god of gaming.

Is No Game No Life good?

The premise of this anime sounds a little silly, but the anime turns out to be really good.

If you like anime and gaming, then this is a must-watch.

Why is No Game No Life recommended?

Both Re:Zero and No Game No Life are solid Isekai Animes of the same rank.

One major difference is that the main characters in No Game No Life are very successful in this new world they are transported to. They are kind of overpowered with their brilliant gaming skills.

No Game No Life is a solid suggestion if you want more Iskeai Animes after finishing Re:Zero.

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Grimgar: Ashes and Illusions

Grimgar: Ashes and Illusions Anime Cover
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People are thrown into a foreign land with nothing but hazy memories and the knowledge of their name. This group of strangers is given no other choice than to accept the only paying job in this game-like world, the role of a soldier in the Reserve Army

The Reserve Army has one goal, to eliminate anything that threatens the people in the world of Grimgar.

All the strong people join together and those remaining have to band together to survive in this world.

One such group of leftovers is lead by the charismatic priest Manato. The other members are the nervous thief Haruhiro, the cheerful hunter Yume, the shy mage Shihoru, the kind warrior Mogxo, the rowdy dark knight Ranta. Together they struggle to survive this harsh world.

Despite its game-like resemblance, this is no game. There are no respawns or do-overs. 

Grimgar is a kill or be killed world.

Is Grimgar: Ashes and Illusions good?

Grimgar: Ashes and Illusions is a good Isekai anime.

It's more Grim and Dark than most other anime in this genre.

It focuses more on the Mental and Emotional struggles of surviving in an RPG game-like world with no memories and having to kill goblins to survive.

Grimgar is more suited for an older audience than most other anime in this genre.

Why is Grimgar: Ashes and Illusions recommended?

Grimgar is also an Isekai Anime where the characters are trapped in another world. This world is more game-like than Re:Zero.

Both shows are dark and brutal and the focus is less on action and plot and more on emotional and personal relationships between characters.

If you like Re:Zero then you will probably also like Grimgar. It is one of the better Isekai animes.

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Akame ga Kill!

Akame ga Kill! Anime Cover
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Tatsumi is a naive village boy that wants to save his village. He has trained all his life to leave his village to find a way to earn enough to help his impoverished village.

His naivety almost cuts his journey short as soon as he reaches the capital. A place that is full of thieves, corruption, and death.

Just as his journey is about to end Tatsumi is saved by the Night Rider group, a group of wanted assassins. And he ends up joining them and their cause.

The Night Rider group is a covert assassination branch of the Revolutionary Army.

The Revolutionary Army, including the Night Riders, aims to overthrow the evil Prime Minister Honest and all the corrupt nobility.

Prime Minister Honest control the child emperor as if he was a marionette. His greed is ruining the empire.

The Night Raids do their best by assassinating all that stands in the way of the Revolutionary Army. But they mainly assassinate evil and corrupt nobility and leaders.

We follow Tatsumi in his fight against the corruption and evil that infests the Empire. We see him learn about powerful magical weapons, fight enemy assassins, challenges to his own morals and values, and learn what it truly means to be an assassin with a cause.

Is Akame ga Kill! good?

Akame ga Kill! is a dark and gory anime. If that's your thing then it's worth watching. But it's not the best of its kind.

It's not unique or among the best, but it's still worth a try.

Why is Akame ga Kill! recommended?

Akame ga Kill! is not an Isekai, but it is a fantasy Anime and it has dark and violent elements. It is also made by the same studio as Re:Zero

The stories are not similar but they are both good. The characters are also not that similar, but they are interesting and go through incredible hardships.

Akame ga Kill! is a good recommendation if you like Re:Zero.

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Books like Re: Zero - Starting Life in Another World

Reborn: Apocalypse (Reborn: Apocalypse #1) by L. M. Kerr

Reborn: Apocalypse Book Cover
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Humanity has been transported to another world where magical superpowers are real. Its a world made of seven layers and the goal is to reach the top, heaven.

Micheal is at the top layer with what little remains of the human population. 10 years has he to get to this point.

Humanity is desperately trying to win a battle against an overpowered enemy.

Humanity loose the battle. They fail.

Micheal witnesses the final moments of the human race before he also dies.

But thanks to a strange artifact that Micheal can't even remember exactly where or when he found he is resurrected. Not only is he resurrected, but time rewinds 10 years until the moment he was first transported into this world.

Micheal now has only one goal. To save humanity. He plans on doing this by using his memories and experience from his previous life.


Is Reborn: Apocalypse good?

Reborn: Apocalypse is an excellent LitRPG with some good Wuxia elements. 

It does not have as strong game mechanics elements like som other LitRPG stories. But it has a mix of RPG and Wuxia character progression elements.

Humanity has some bastards taking advantage of the turmoil, but it also has lots of people trying to build a community and adapt to the new world.

The main character relay more on intelligently using his for knowledge than just on raw power.

All in all, Reborn: Apocalypse is one of the better book series in this genre.

Why is Reborn: Apocalypse recommended?

Reborn: Apocalypse also has a time loop element to it. But it only happens once, and its a big one. The main character uses his knowledge to try to change the future.

Reborn: Apocalypse is in the LitRPG genre witch often has strong similarities to Isekai animes. Reborn: Apocalypse is kind of a transported to an alternative world type of Isekai story.

If you want to try a book with similar element to Re:Zero then the Reborn: Apocalypse series is a good starting point.

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Unsouled (Cradle #1) by Will Wight

Unsouled (Cradle Book 1) Book Cover
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Life energy known as madra is the basis of civilization on the world of Cradle.

Everyone has madra inside themself.

Sacred artist level up their madra by using different forms of training and ingesting elixirs and spirit-fruits.

The common stages of madra levels a person can reach are Copper to Iron, to Jade, and then to Gold. After Gold, who knows what comes next.

Wei Shi Lindon is a member of the Silverfox Clan. They live in hidden Sacred Valley isolated from the rest of the world.

Lindon is an unsouled.

Unsouled is someone unfit to harness the power of madra. Their madra core does not have an affinity for any element. Making them unlikely to advance their madra levels.

Lindon is unwilling to accept his low status. He is determined to do everything he can to prove his worth. He is willing to risk everything to become a sacred artist.

A tragic event unfolds in the valley, an event that makes a diety takes action. This diety shows Lindon a path to advancement, a path that will take him out of the Sacred Valley.

Can Lindon capable to leave the Sacred Valley, and will he, an unsouled, be able to survive outside it?

Is Cradle good?

Cradle is a fast-paced fantasy adventure series where the main characters keep growing in power. In some ways, it can resemble a shounen anime.

Cradle is a very good cultivation book series. It has most of the elements a cultivation book should have, and it presents it in a good way with a good story.

Why is Cradle recommended?

Cradle also has a main character that is initially very weak and only after a good while slowly starts to grow stronger.

Cradle is a LitRPG/Wuxia story. They usually have many common elements with Isekai animes, but the main character in Cradle is not transported to another world. The story is fully taking part in his world.

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