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Book cover: Kitty and the Midnight Hour

This article has a good list of similar recommendations to Kitty Norville. So if you want more like Kitty Norville, then this is for you.

Most of the suggestions have supernatural settings wit romance as a strong part of the story. Most of them also contain werewolves or other shapeshifters.

Most of the main characters are female and most of them are shifters.


Kitty Norville is the wolf with the lowest status in her pack. She is submissive to everyone.

She has just realized that she can make it on her own. Working as a midnight-shift DJ for a Denver radio station. This means that she doesn't need the pack so much as she used to.

Or so she thinks...

Kitty ends up getting one sexy werewolf-hunter and a few homicidal undead on her tail.

She may have bitten off more than she can chew?

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Books like Kitty and the Midnight Hour (Kitty Norville #1)

Clean Sweep (Innkeeper Chronicles #1) by Ilona Andrews

Book cover: Clean Sweep
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Dina Demille is by all appearances a fine young woman who runs a quiescent Victorian Bed and Breakfast in a small Texas town. She also owns a small Shih Tzu named Beast.

By all counts, she should be a perfect neighbor, whose biggest problem is what to serve her guests for breakfast.

But Dina does not have a regular bed and breakfast.

It's an inn for otherworldly travelers who need a place to stay. The inn is also not a regular house, its a living thinking magical construct that requires inhabitants to survive. It also has the capability ti shaped to whatever form Dina or her guest needs.

But Dina's inn is not in top shape, it's on the verge of starvation.

To solve this Dina has let a retired aristocrat responsible for millions of deaths permanently hide out in her inn. The inn need some inhabitants to survive, it does not care who. And since Inns are neutral zones, no one can stop her from housing this Aristocrat.

But this is not unproblematic. Not everyone cares about the inn's neutrality.

But that's not all.Dinaalso gets entangled with a Vampire commander and her neighbor that's a werewolf.

Is Innkeeper Chronicles good?

I love the Innkeeper Chronicles.

It has good character focus and interesting world-building.

It's absolutely worth reading. 

Why is Innkeeper Chronicles recommended?

Dina from the Innkeeper Chronicles is not a werewolf, but there are werewolves in the story. However, the werewolf, and the vampires, in this story are not from earth. They come from other planets.

The Innkeeper Chronicles might not be as similar to the Kitty Norville books as others on this list, but it's a good book series. It's worth checking out.

Why: shapeshifting female mc
Why not: mc not a shapeshifter science fiction

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Moon Called (Mercy Thompson #1) by Patricia Briggs

Book cover: Moon Called
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Mercy "Mercy" Thompson's life is not exactly normal.

Her next-door neighbor is a werewolf. Her former boss is a gremlin. And she's fixing a VW bus for a vampire.

Mercy's strange connection to these strange creatures of shadow and night is about to get her into some seriously deep water.

Luckily, Mercy isn't exactly normal herself.

Is Mercy Thompson good?

Moon Called is a great start for a great series. I had much fun reading these books.

Why is Mercy Thompson recommended?

Mercy Thompson is a shapeshifter, but not a werewolf. However, werewolves are a strong theme in this book series.

Mercy is also much stronger and more independent than Kitty.

But if you like the Kitty Norville books then you will probably also like the Mercy Thompson books.

Why: mc is a shapeshifter female mc werewolves
Why not: mc not a werewolf

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Skinwalker (Jane Yellowrock #1) by Faith Hunter

Book cover: Skinwalker
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Jane Yellowrock is a skinwalker

She shares her body with the soul of a mountain lion and she can take any form as long as she has some bones with DNA from the shape she wants.

Jane works as a freelance rogue-vampire hunter.

In this first book, she is hired to take care of a nasty rogue-vampire in New Orleans. When she is there she comes in contact with the vampire society and learns about the "sane" vampires. She also learns more about her own Cherokee heritage.

Is Jane Yellowrock good?

A great story and strong characters make this an excellent series.

You should read this. Absolutely worth checking out if you like these kinds of books.

Why is Jane Yellowrock recommended?

Jane Yellowrock is a shapeshifter, but not a werewolf. She can shift into any animal as long as she has some bones from them. Jane is also a much tougher and rougher character than Kitty.

It is worth checking out these books if you likeKitty Norville.

Why: mc is a shapeshifter female mc
Why not: mc not a werewolf

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Stray (Shifters #1) by Rachel Vincent

Book cover: Stray
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Faythe Sanders is a Texas grad student and a shape-shifting werecat.

After she is attacked by a stray she is ordered home by the pack alpha, her father.

Female werecats are rare, and two others have gone missing. So it's understandable that her father is worried.

What will happen to Faythe?

Is Shifters good?

The Shifters are ok paranormal books. Not the best, but still far from the worst. Give them a try, they are worth checking out.

Why is Shifters recommended?

Shifters have werecats and not werewolves. It's worth checking out

Why: mc is a shapeshifter female mc
Why not: mc not a werewolf

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Guilty Pleasures (Anita Blake Vampire Hunter #1) by Laurell K. Hamilton

Book cover: Guilty Pleasures
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Anita Blake is a necromancer and vampire hunter.

Vampires are protected by law, but when some of them get out of hand, then you call Anita Blake, the Executioner.

Guilty Pleasures, the first book in the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series. It starts out with someone killing innocent vampires.

Anita is approached by Jean Claude, the second strongest vampire in the city. He wants her to help figure out who is killing vampires. Anita agrees to help out after a bit of vampiric arm-twisting.

Is Anita Blake Vampire Hunter good?

This is the start of an excellent vampire series.

Well, the beginning of it is excellent. I stooped reading around book 10, it had started to go downhill a little before that.

But the first books are absolutely worth reading.

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Dead Witch Walking (The Hollows #1) by Kim Harrison

Book cover: Dead Witch Walking
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Rachel Mariana Morgan is a witch in her twenties. She is a part-owner of Vampiric Charms.

Vampiric Charms is a freelance runner and security service.

The other owners of Vampiric Charms are Ivy Tamwood and Jenks. Ivy Tamwood is a living vampire that will become a full vampire if she dies, and Jenks, a small pixy.

They used to work together at the vampire-run federal Inderland Security (IS). It's a police service for the supernatural.

Rachel, Ivy, and Jenks, decided to start their own company together, Vampiric Charms.

They live and work together from a decommissioned stone church. The church is in the Hollows district of Cincinnati and has an attached garden and graveyard. Rachel specializes in simple herb-based earth magic. The Curch garden is important for Rachels's magic.

Is The Hollows good?

Overall, an exciting, fun read, that`s hard to put down.

This is a highly recommended Fast-paced and captivating book series.

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Magic Bites (Kate Daniels #1) by Ilona Andrews

Book cover: Magic Bites
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Kate Daniels is a mercenary who makes her living cleaning up magical messes left behind by others.

When her guardian is murdered, she gets dragged into a power struggle between two of the stronger factions within Atlanta's magic community. The Masters of the Dead, necromancers who control vampires, and The Pack, a clan of shifters.

They blame each other for a series of bizarre murders.

Kate finds herself the counterpoint in the struggle to normalize their relationship and to stop the murders.

Is Kate Daniels good?

This is a good read and the start of a great series. Magic Bites has a strong and interesting heroine. It's worth reading.

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TV-Shows like Kitty and the Midnight Hour (Kitty Norville #1)


Tv Show cover: Bitten
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Bitten is based on the excellent book series; Women of the Otherworld by Kelley Armstrong.

We follow Elena Michaels, a werewolf that abandoned her pack. She took refuge in the city where she got a successful photography career.

But trouble is brewing at the packs home, and her alpha is calling her back. What will come of her peaceful life, and will the pack survive?

Is Bitten good?

Bitten is a good show. Not as good as the books, but absolutely worth watching. Especially if you like paranormal fantasy and werewolves. Its not a teen show. It has older actors.

Why is Bitten recommended?

Bitten has some strong similarities with the Kitty Norville books. Both have a female werewolf as thas is part of a werewolf pack as the main character.

If you like the Kitty Norville books and want a similar TV show, then Bitten is definitely worth checking out.

Why: shapeshifting female mc mc is werewolf

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True Blood

Tv Show cover: True Blood
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Sookie Stackhouse works as a waitress at Merlotte's, a bar in Bon Temps a small southern town in the states.

One day she meets Bill Compton, a 173-year old vampire. He stands out to her and they hit it off early on.

Vampires are outed to the world.

They try to be accepted as regular humans. A synthetic blood alternative called True Blood is their main strategy for acceptance.

Sookie`s life gets seriously complicated when she gets involved with the supernatural world. But Sookie is not an ordinary person herself either. She has the ability to read thoughts. Except for the thoughts of vampires. Witch is why Bill stood out to her when she met him.

True Blood is loosely based on the book series Southern Vampire Mysteries.

Is True Blood good?

True Bloodis an excellent TV show.

The story separates itself from the books after the first season, but that's OK. You should watch this show.

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The Vampire Diaries

Tv Show cover: The Vampire Diaries
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Elena and her brother Jeremy lives in Mystic Falls with their aunt Jenna. She moved in as their guardian after they lost their parents.

On Elena's first day back at school after her parent's death she meats Stefan, a mysterious new guy. What Elena dos not know is that Stefan is an old vampire.

They gradually grow closer, until Stefans`s older brother, Damon, shows up and acts like an evil bastard.

Is The Vampire Diaries good?

I remember liking Vampire Diaries at on point, but then I grew tired of the show. It is a popular show, so you should probably give it a try.

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