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If you want more like Broadchurch then we have the list for you. We have created the best list of similar recommendations to Broadchurch.

Broadchurch is a serious and emotional police investigation show with lots of twists and turns. It is set in a rural town on the southern coast of England. It has a season-spanning murder investigation with deep characters and character-related stories and small-town life. Later it also includes court drama.

Our suggestions will have some of the elements above in common with Broadchurch. Some will have more and others will have less. Most of our recommendations are more shows similar to Broadchurch, but some are also similar books and anime.


After a case went bad for Alec Hardly in his former workplace he has transferred to Broadchurch as the new Detective Inspector. Broadchurch is a seemingly calm and friendly seaside town.

As soon as Alecstarts he is tossed into a case revolving around a dead 11-year-old boy. Broadchurch is a small town and a death like this has never happened before.

As DI Alec Hardly and his partner DS Ellie Miller starts investigating they discover that almost everyone in this quiet town has secrets they do not want to share.

Their investigation takes them from one suspect to another as they are unwinding all the secrets people are unwilling to share. And at the same time they have to deal with the media feeding frenzy.

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TV-Shows like Broadchurch


Hinterland TV-Show Cover
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DCI Tom Mathias has fled his past in London and moved to Aberystwyth in Wales. He is a brilliant detective, but he is also a troubled brooding loner.

DCI Tom Mathias is partnered with the intelligent and complex DI Mared Rhys. She is a local girl who knows Aberystwyth's society inside out.

Together they form an engaging relationship as they embark on solving murder cases.

Is Hinterland good?

Hinterland is very good detective series with excellent acting and set in a stunning landscape. It feels real.

Hinterland is absolutely worth watching if you like detective shows. It is slower than a typical American show, but the pacing is perfect for this show.

Why is Hinterland recommended?

Hinterland also has a new detective arriving at a new job in a small town area. In this case the area might be a bit larger, but it is not a city.

Hinterland and Broadcurch are both serious and realistic shows with a bleak atmosphere. The visuals look more dark and bleak in Hinterland. 

Both shows are small-town police investigation crime shows. The characters in both shows have real depth and realism to them.

Hinterland is more episodic and not season-spanning on the crime stories. 

If you like Broadchurch then you will probably also like Hinterland.

Why: good recommendation rural area detective realistic

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The Killing

The Killing cover
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Detective Chief Inspector Sarah Lund is about to move to Sweden to join her fiance. Sarah is going to transfer over to the Sweedish police force.

On Sarah`s last day in the Danish Police 19-year-old Nanna Birk Larsen is found raped and brutally murdered. Sarah heads up the investigation together with her replacement Detective Inspector Jan Meyer.

Sarah has a very driven personality and she can't bring herself to leave the case and move to Sweden until its finished.

Troels Hartmann is campaigning to be mayor of Copenhagen but struggles when links are revealed between city hall and the murder. Suspects after suspects are investigated while political pressure is strong to get a swift solution to the case.

Is The Killing good?

The Killing has ha slower pace than most crime shows and in addition to the investigation, it has a heavy focus on the characters and their relationships. The investigation is also interesting and keeps you guessing. Its a really good show.

Why is The Killing recommended?

The Killing and Broadchurch are very similar, not in the setting, but in the story.

The Killing also has a serious and gloomy tone to it. It's a murder mystery kind of show where the main detectives follow clues to solve the case. It takes os from one suspect to another during the show. The killing also has one overall story during each season.

Like we mentioned, the setting is different. It is not set in a small British town but the capital city of Denmark, Copenhagen. The main characters are also not that similar. Shara Lund is kind of strange.

Why: good recommendation season spanning story multiple suspects twists and turns
Why not: main character

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The Bridge

The Bridge tv-show cover
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A body is found on the bridge between Sweeden and Denmark, half of the body is in Sweeden and the other half is in Denmark.

The Danish and the Sweedish police have to share jurisdiction and work together to find the killer.

Is The Bridge good?

The Bridge is an excellent and complex Scandinavian crime drama.

It's very good at keeping the suspense up and keep you guessing.

The Bridge is an excellent show that anyone that loves crime drama shows should watch.

Why is The Bridge recommended?

The Bridge also is a season-spanning crime show with police detectives racing to find the suspect. It goes into depth about the characters involved and it keeps us on our those guessing. 

The main character is a little different. She probably has a diagnosis of some kind. The setting is also not a small British town but Denmark.

If you like Broadcurch then we recommend The Bridge.


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Shetland TV-Show Cover
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We follow DI Jimmy Perez and his team as they investigate crime within the close-knit island community. In this isolated and sometimes inhospitable environment, the team has to rely on a uniquely resourceful style of policing.

In the first season, DI Jimmy Perez and his team investigate the murder of an elderly local on an archaeological site. With an upcoming festival on the horizon, they race to solve the case before the crowds close in on the islands.

Is Shetland good?

Shetland is one of the better detective series out there. It has very good murder mystery stories set in a beautiful and unique landscape. The characters have real depts and they are realistic.

Shetland is a must-watch if you like detective shows, especially if you like those set in small communities in a unique environment.

Why is Shetland recommended?

Shetland and Broadchurch are both serious police investigation shows. They are both set in unique smalltown remote locations centered around police detectives investigating serious crimes.

Shetland usually also gives us multiple suspects as they search for who did it.

If you like Broadchurch then you will most likely also like Shetland, they have many similarities.

Why: good recommendation rural small town setting feel

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Happy Valley

Happy Valley TV-Show Cover
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Catherine is a no-nonsense police sergeant. She works in the ironically named Happy Valley, the nickname for the drug-affected Calder Valley in West Yorkshire, England.

Catherine's private life is complicated. She still sleeps with her ex-husband even though he has a new girlfriend. She lives with her sister Clare, who is a recovering addict. Catherine's grandson Ryan also lives with them because his mother, Catherine's daughter Becky, killed herself after being raped.

A new case comes up for Catherine, a kidnapping case. it quickly spirals out of control into a series of brutal crimes.

To make things worse, Tommy Lee Royce is out of jail and back in town. This is the man Catherine believes is the rapist that caused her daughter to commit suicide.

Is Happy Valley good?

Happy Valley is an excellent detective series, one of the better ones. It has a very good mix of detective cases, personal stories, and daily life.

It has excellent acting, a great story, and very good visuals.

Why is Happy Valley recommended?

Happy Valley and Broadchurch both are serious and realistic shows whit a story that spans over the whole season. They are both police investigation shows but they also include lots of personal stories about the characters involved.

If you like Broadchurch then you will most likely also like Happy Valley. It's a highly recommended show with many similarities.

Why: good recommendation story structure characters

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Tv Show cover: Luther
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DCI John Luther is a tenacious and near-genius murder detective. But the brilliant detective might be just as dangerous as the criminals he hunts.

Luther follows his own moral code as much as the rules of criminal law, which makes him cross a few lines while chasing criminals.

Why is Luther recommended?

Luther and Broadchurch are not that similar. Other shows on the list have more similarities.

But Luther is also a police investigation show with a serious and kind of bleak thone. They are both British, but Luther is more a big city setting while Broadcurch is set in a small south English coastal town setting where everybody knows everybody.

Why: british detective
Why not: less similar

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A Confession

A Confession TV-Show Cover
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Sian O'Callaghan goes missing after a Friday night out inSwindon Old Town. The family desperately waits for news as the police search for any clues to where she could be.

Detective Superintendent Steve Fulcher intends to find the missing woman and catch the culprit, even if that may cost him his career and reputation.

Is A Confession good?

A Confession is a superb TV-Show, and apparently it is a true story and not just loosely based on a true event.

It looks like some people complain about the camera work, but I had no problems with it.

If you like crime investigation shows then A Confession is a must-watch. It's really good.

Why is A Confession recommended?

A Confession is a realistic British crime investigation show. Unlike Broadchurch it is actually a real event.

Some other common elements are "false" confessions and problems with the PACE (Police and Criminal Evidence Act) hindering the verdict.

If you like Broadchurch then A Confession is worth checking out. It's a shorter series.

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Vera TV-Show Cover
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Detective Chief Inspector Vera Stanhope is obsessive about her work and driven by her own demons.

She might be lonely, but if she is she doesn't show it. She faces the world with caustic wit, guile, and courage.

Her trusted and long-suffering colleague isSergeant Joe Ashworth. Together they approach every new case with unparalleled gusto and professionalism.

Is Vera good?

Vera is a yearly series of four 90 minute movies that loosely tie together. It's an outstanding British police crime series with an unusual format. The murder mystery part is excellently done.

Why is Vera recommended?

Vera is also a serious and realistic crime investigation shows. They are both set in England and involve serious crimes.

The show structure is a bit different, but the stories and plots are similar enough.

If you like Broudchurch then you might also like Vera.

Why: good recommendation English detective
Why not: Episode structure

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Tv Show cover: Sherlock
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Sherlock is a new contemporary take on the classic Arthur Conan Doyle stories. Many of the details and stories from the original books are kept, only modernized to fit in today's society and technology.

His most important tool, after his brilliant mind, is a modern smartphone.

Doctor Watson is a medical veteran of the Afghan war. Together they navigate a web of cryptic clues and myriad of lethal killers to get at the truth

Is Sherlock good?

This is the best adoption of the Sherlock Holmes books I have ever watched.

It`s truly exciting to watch Sherlock's fast and leaping but accurate deductions. This is a show everyone should try out.

Why is Sherlock recommended?

Sherlock is not as similar to Broadchurch as other shows on this list. Its less realistic, set in a city, and episodic.

The main reason for adding it is that it is also a British crime investigation show and it is among the best shows ever.

Why: excellent show detective investigation english
Why not: less similar less realistic city

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Animes like Broadchurch


Monster anime cover
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Dr. Kenzo Tenma is a brilliant neurosurgeon living in Germany. He is respected by his superiors for his excellent skills, envied by his peers, and engaged to the daughter of the hospital director. Dr. Kenzo Tenma is well on his way to ascending the hospital hierarchy.

But one day everything changes for him. A little boy is brought in with a serious head injury, along with his twin sister, after a brutal family massacre. His superior orders him to abort the boy's surgery and operate on the mayor instead, who was brought in much later.

Having dealt with a similar situation before, and been troubled with a crisis of conscience because of his choice, this time he decides to not follow orders.

The boy survives, but the mayor dies, leaving Dr. Kenzo Tenma's career in ruins, his engagement to his fiance broken.

But one night, while he is out cold in a drunken stupor the twins vanish from the hospital and the director and two other doctors die mysteriously.

Dr. Kenzo Tenma's position is restored. With no evidence to convict him, he is released and goes on to attain the position of the hospital director.

Until one day...

Is Monster good?

Monster is one of the better anime out there, probably the best suspense thriller anime.

It has a clever story with interesting mysteries, great characters, and tense psychological drama.

Monster is an amazing anime that people that don't watch anime probably also will like.

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ERASED anime cover

Satoru Fujinuma is a detached 29-year-old struggling manga artist.

Satoru has the supernatural ability to go back in time before someone dies to prevent it. He calls his ability Revival.

But when Satoru is wrongfully accused of murdering someone close to him he is sent back 18 years in the past. Only to find himself as a grade-schooler again.

Soon, he realizes that the current murder may be connected to the abduction and killing of one of his classmates.

This is his chance to make things right. Both in the past and the present.

Is ERASED good?

ERASED is an OK anime. If your looking for a new anime and want a mystery drama with time travel elements then thin might be for you.

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Book like Broadchurch

Noen of us read that many crime books, so our book recommendations that are similar to Broadchurch are kind of out there. They are mostly added to give some new directions to look for new books.

You can check out those links for more relevant book recommendations similar to Broadchurch. 9 must-read books for Broadchurch fans or 8 books to read if you like Broadchurch.

Storm Front (The Dresden Files #1) by Jim Butcher

Book cover: Storm Front
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Harry Dresden, a Chicago bound professional wizard, and the only one with an ad in the yellow pages. Business is sadly dreadful, even for a professional wizard PI. So when the local police ask him for help on a strange double murder, he jumps on it.

Is The Dresden Files good?

The Dresden Files is a must-read for anyone with the slightest interest in this gangrene.

Why is The Dresden Files recommended?

The main character works as a private investigator, at least in the first books. But he is a wizard.

There are probably hundreds of other books more similar than this, but none of us read that much crime books.

The Dresden Files have some very small similarities in the investigation part, but it was mostly added to give a different suggestion that you might like.

Why: investigation
Why not: different fantasy magic

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We hope that some of our suggestions for more shows similar to Broadchurch were to your liking. We might update the list in the future.

There are more shows we might add later, but none of us have watched them jet so we can't really recommend them jet. So the list might be updated in the future when some of us get the time to watch them. The shows that might be added are Top of the Lake, EndeavourMarcella, and Wallender.