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Tv Show cover: Fringe

This article contains the best list of recommendations similar to Fringe that we could make. It will give you some great suggestions for what to start on next.

Fringe is a science-fiction show with strong supernatural elements. Some strong plot keywords are; parallel universe, special agents, scientists, experiments, paranormal, top-secret, time travel, alternative dimensions, and government facilities.

Most of our suggestions will be in the science-fiction or supernatural genre and have some common plot keywords as mentioned above. But some suggestions will also just have a common feel to it.

In addition to suggesting other TV-Shows that are similar to Fringe, we have also added a few Books and Animes that are similar to Fringe. Recommending similar entertainment from other mediums is something we always try to add. Most suggestions will, of course, be in the same genre.


FBI agent Olivia Dunham teams up with a formerly institutionalized scientist Dr. Walter Bishop and his son Peter Bishop to investigate weird crimes. Crimes that are part of a larger pattern.

Dr. Walter Bishop`s knowledge of fringe science that he worked on before he got institutionalized comes in handy when the team faces a rapidly spreading series of unexplained phenomena.

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TV-Shows like Fringe

Warehouse 13

Tv Show cover: Warehouse 13
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Agent Pete Lattimer and Agent Myka Bering find themselves transferred to Warehouse 13. It's a massive top-secret storage facility in South Dakota.

This mysterious warehouse contains every supernatural artifact ever collected by the government.

Their new job has them chasing down reports of supernatural activity in search of new artifacts to be safeguarded in the Warehouse.

Is Warehouse 13 good?

Warehouse 13 is an entertaining adventure full of fictional and historical objects and gadgets with and without (mostly with) supernatural powers.

I really like this TV show.

Why is Warehouse 13 recommended?

If you like Fringe then you might also like Wherehouse 13. They have many similar elements.

Wherehouse 13 is more on the supernatural side. Fringe goes more on the science fiction route, but lots of the science in Fringe is on the supernatural side of things.

Both shows also have government entities taking care of special events and hiding them from the civilians.

Wherehouse 13 is slightly more humoristic than Fringe.

Why: very similar
Why not: more humoristic

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Tv Show cover: Threshold
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An extraterrestrial object has landed in the Atlantic ocean.

The government actually has a plan for this, its called THRESHOLD.

Dr. Molly Anne Caffrey, who created the plan, and a group of other scientists are gathered together to handle this crisis.

Is this the start of an alien invasion?

Is Threshold good?

This is a cool short TV show. It's worth a try.

Why is Threshold recommended?

Threshold and Fringe are both serious and suspenseful science-fiction shows. Threshold gets the science-fiction part from an alien invasion and the human-technology is more realistic. In both shows, the government keeps the science-fiction elements top secret.

Threshold is an excellent show, but sadly it's a little short. If you like Fringe or other alien invasion themes then check it out.

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Haven TV-Show Cover
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FBI agent Audrey Parker is sent to Haven to help the local police to track down a fugitive. She gets help from Nathan Wuornos, a local cop, and Duke Crocker, a small-time smuggler.

Audrey soon discovers that many people in the Haven have supernatural abilities or "troubles" as they call it.

It does not take loon before Audrey discovers that her past is connected to these "troubles" in Haven.

Is Haven good?

Haven follows the trouble of the week formula.

If you like mystery and don't mind episodic stories then Haven is worth checking out. But it is not anything exceptional.

Why is Haven recommended?

Haven and Fringe are both supernatural shows that are serious and suspenseful with special agents and investigative elements. Both shows also have a throuble of the week story style.

If you like Fringe then Haven is a good suggestion for a new show.

Haven is more on the supernatural side while Fringe has more science-fiction elements in it.

Why: very similar
Why not: more supernatural

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Tv Show cover: Eureka
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Eureka is a small hidden town populated by America's brightest scientists. They work on cutting edge inventions and discoveries.

Sadly for them, but funny for us, in their enthusiasm they tend to be forgetful about the safety surrounding their projects. This usually leads to unnatural and hilarious chaos.

Sheriff Jack Carter and his daughter accidentally stumble upon Eureka, and Jack ends up being hired as the new sheriff in town.

He got more than he bargained for when he has to deal with all the quirky geniuses living in Eureka and their crazy experiments.

Is Eureka good?

This is an absolutely hilarious show with lots of strange inventions. Every episode has some new crazy scientific accidents to be taken care of. I was so sad when it was canceled.

Why is Eureka recommended?

Mad scientists, crazy experiments, and science on the supernatural side, Fringe and Eureka have lots in common. Eureka has more humor in it than Fringe, but other than that, they are very similar.

If you like Fringe then Eureka is an excellent choice for your next show, as long as you want something more humoristic.

Why: very similar
Why not: more humoristic

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Tv Show cover: Continuum
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Kiera Cameron, a detective from the year 2077, finds herself trapped in present-day Vancouver. She is searching for ruthless criminals from the future called Liber8.

The Liber8 criminals want to alter the future.

Kiera poses as a government agent and joins forces with police detective Carlos Fonnegra to capture the terrorists before they can alter the future. She also gets help from the teen genius Alec Sadler

The future of 2077 is a dystopian one in which world governments have collapsed and corporations now dominate the planet.

Why is Continuum recommended?

Continuum is also a science-fiction show set in our time. The science-fiction elements come from time travelers. It is serious and has some suspense, just like Fringe.

Continuum is not as good as Fringe, but if you like Fringe and are looking for something else, then it's a good place to start.

Why: science-fiction time travel
Why not: not supernatural

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Stargate SG-1

Tv Show cover: Stargate SG-1
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An ancient alien race filled our galaxy with stargates. Portals that can create artificial wormholes between each other. Making it easier and faster to travel our galaxy.

One of those stargates is found on earth. The United States Military forms a task force to explore these new planets that have open up for us.

Is Stargate SG-1 good?

Stargate SG-1 has plenty of episodes exploring scientific theories and old religions.

This show has a good mix of seriousness and humor. It has episodic content andlong-term story arcs.

Stargate SG-1 is absolutely worth a try if you like this kind of geeky shows.

Why is Stargate SG-1 recommended?

Stargate SG-1 is also a science-fiction show, but it is on the side of space and aliens. It is not as similar to Fringe as other shows on this list, but Stargate SG-1 is also an excellent show where the characters have great chemistry.

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Person of Interest

Tv Show cover: Person of Interest
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John Reese, a former CIA operative, is recruited by Harold Finch, billionaire software-genius. Harold wants John to help him with preventing violent crimes.

Harold created a machine for the government, a machine that is designed to detect acts of terror before they happen. This is done by monitoring the entire world through every cell-phone, email and surveillance camera. Harold discovered that the machine sees everything. Everything from potential terrorist acts to violent crimes that involve ordinary people.

The government considered everything but acts of terror "irrelevant", so Harold made a backdoor. A backdoor gives him the social security numbers of people involved in future violent crimes.

Harold and John work together to try to stop these "irrelevant" crimes before they happen.

Is Person of Interest good?

Person of Interest had good timing with Snowden`s released documents when it first aired.

I love the Person of Interest, its a really cool AI themed show. The detective and action parts are also great.

The AI science is luckily still far on the side of science-fiction, and it will hopefully stay there.

Why is Person of Interest recommended?

Person of Interest is also a serious and suspenseful science-fiction show. It is more down to earth than Fringe, but the AI stuff gradually takes off.

Person of Interest and Fringe are both excellent shows.

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Tv Show cover: Grimm
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Portland homicide detective Nick Burkhardt discovers he is a descendant of the fared Grimms.

Grimms are a group of hunters who fight supernatural forces. They are charged with keeping the balance between humanity and the creatures of myth.

A reformed "Big Bad Wolf", now a reformed vegetarian, becomes his greatest helper and confidant.

Is Grimm good?

The creators have earlier made shows like Buffy and Angle. Grimm has some high standards to live up to, and it does so remarkably well.

This Show is a kind of modern take on the Grimm`s fairytales. Grimm is especially worth watching if you like modern fantasy and police shows.

Why is Grimm recommended?

Grimm is also a serious and suspenseful show, but it has more supernatural elements than Fringe.

Grimm is a very good show. If you want something with more supernatural elements then you should check it out.

Why not: more supernatural

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Tv Show cover: Dollhouse
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Caroline has downloaded her personality into cyber storage and rented out her body to a shady organization. This organization then again rents her body out to the highest bidder.

Caroline is now a doll. A doll with the code name Echo.

A new personality with the required skill set is uploaded to her empty body to complete whatever the mission requires.

These missions can involve everything from sexual fantasy to high-risk missions that require an assassin or a spy type of personality and skills.

Is Dollhouse good?

Dollhouse is an excellent show with plenty of action and drama.

I loved it.

And it all gets even better with the hot actor Eliza Dushku in the main role.

Why is Dollhouse recommended?

Dollhouse, just like Fringe, also is a suspenseful and serious show with science-fiction elements. Dollhouse is a good and exciting show, but it is sadly only two seasons long.

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Tv Show cover: Heroes
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People all over the world are discovering that they have superpowers. They are all trying to deal with how this is change is affecting their lives.

Some of the people with superpowers are. Peter Petrelli, a 30-something nurse who suspects he can fly. Claire Bennet, a 17-year-old cheerleader who is next to immortal. Hiro Nakamura, a 20-something Japanese comic book fan who kind of control time. Niki Sanders, a 30-something Las Vegas showgirl with an evil twin. Matt Parkman, a cop who can read minds. Isaac Mendez, a 20-something junkie who has the ability to paint images of the future when he is high.

This is a show of heroes and villains, some with and some without superpowers. A shadowy organization hunting people with superpowers is one of the power players.


Is Heroes good?

The first season of Heroes is absolutely fantastic, but then it sadly starts to slowly get worse. The last season is barely worth watching.

However, the first season is so good that you still will have a really good time watching it. Heroes is an excellent show.

Why is Heroes recommended?

Fringe does not exactly have people with superpowers, but it still feels like it has similarities with Heroes. But it is not the most similar on this list.

Why not: superheroes

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Tv Show cover: Torchwood
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Captain Jack Harkness is a former Time Agent and con man from the 51st century.

He was last seen traveling with the Doctor on an adventure to early 21st century Cardiff.

There, he becomes a member of the Torchwood Institute. Its a renegade criminal investigation group founded by Queen Victoria. Their goal is to battle hostile extraterrestrial and supernatural threats.

Why is Torchwood recommended?

Torchwood is also a suspenseful show with a mix of science-fiction and supernatural elements and special agents. 

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Stranger Things

Stranger Things TV-Show Cover
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In 1983 Hawkins Indian a boy suddenly vanishes into thin air. Friends, family, and the local police set out to search for him.

During their search, they discover that this is not an ordinary case. Something supernatural is going on.

The government has researched paranormal phenomena in this small town. An they have opened a gate that should have been kept close.

With the help of a strange new girl, the friends, family, and a local coop sets out to cross this gate to get the vanished boy back.

Is Stranger Things good?

Strangers Things is an amazing mystery show. It hooks you in immediately.

Someone described Strangers Things as a mix of Stephen King and an 80s Steven Spielberg movie. That's a perfect description.

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Travelers cover
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In the future, the human race is about to die out. But a new scientific Breakthru is discovered.

It's a technology that lets a person send their consciousness back through time and directly into people in the 21st century

The Travelers set out to use this time-twisting technology to save humanity.

These Travelers take over the consciousness of people when they are about to die. They use their knowledge of their death to avoid it and take over their lives.

With only knowledge of history and social media profiles, they have to blend into our society and save humanity at the same time.

Is Travelers good?

Travelers is a decent show with decent writing and characters.

It's a good twist on the time-travel formula, many of the time travel show just follow the place and time of the weak formula, but Travelers avoid that.

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Animes like Fringe

We have tried to find some anime shows similar to Fringe. Stains;Gate is probably the most similar, but we have added a few others too.


Anime cover: Steins;Gate
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The eccentric mad scientist Okabe and his colleagues have banded together to form the "Future Gadget Research Laboratory". Their goal is to invent cool futuristic gadgets.

They discover that their Phone Microwave, which transforms bananas into an oozing green gel, can also send text messages to the past. And the words they send can affect the flow of time and have unforeseen and far-reaching consequences.

Is Steins;Gate good?

Steins;Gate is one of the better animes that is ever created.

It`s a must-watch anime for all anime fans out there, even people that generally do not like animes might like this one.

Why is Steins;Gate recommended?

Stains;Gate is probably most similar to Fringe of our anime suggestions. It has a somewhat realistic tone, scientist, and a strong time travel theme.

Why: most similar anime

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Darker than Black

Anime cover: Darker than Black
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An impenetrable field that is known as the "Hell's Gate" appeared ten years ago in Tokyo.

At the same time as the "Hell's Gate" appeared a new bread of people known as Contractors also appeared. Most of the Contractors are assassins and spies that wield supernatural powers used to carry out the dirty work of others.

The only downside with these powers are the strange obsessive quirks these Contractors get in return for their power.

Among these Contractors is one more mysterious than the rest, the masked killer BK201, also known as the Black Reaper.

The story digs into what Contractors are and the shadowy organization around them.

Is Darker than Black good?

Darker than Black is a really good anime. It's not among the top tire animes, but its almost up there.

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Book like Fringe

Storm Front (The Dresden Files #1) by Jim Butcher

Book cover: Storm Front
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Harry Dresden, a Chicago bound professional wizard, and the only one with an ad in the yellow pages. Business is sadly dreadful, even for a professional wizard PI. So when the local police ask him for help on a strange double murder, he jumps on it.

Is The Dresden Files good?

The Dresden Files is a must-read for anyone with the slightest interest in this gangrene.

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Hopefully, you found some suggestions to your liking. Fringe is a great show, but luckily there are plenty of other shows just as good.

At A Fictional Universe, we try to improve our articles at regular intervals. If you in the future want more like Fringe then come back, we might have an updated list of recommendations for you.