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Tv Show cover: iZombie
Liv Moore, a promising medical student, takes a break from her workaholic life to attend a party. This one choice leads to her becoming a zombie and her life goes trough some drastic changes. Liv takes a job at the Coroner's Office to get access to all the brain she need, and in the process she ends up helping Clive Babineaux, a police officer, solving crime. She tells him that she is a psychic, but the truth is that she gets some of the memories and habits from the people she eats.

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TV-Shows like iZombie

Six Feet Under

Tv Show cover: Six Feet Under
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Six Feet Under follows the Fisher family, a dysfunctional family from L.A., and their family owned funeral home. This show has serious drama and dark humour melted into one substance of pure awesomeness.

Is Six Feet Under good?

Six Feet Under is a superb TV-Show. It has serious drama, but it is also halleriouse at times. This is one of those TV-Shows that should be a must watch.

Why is Six Feet Under recommended?

Coroner's Office, funeral home and dead people. Only in iZombie the dead dos not always stay dead. iZombie also has witty humor and interesting drama.

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Tv Show cover: Lucifer
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Lucifer Mornigstar is bored with his life and duties as the lord of hell. He decided to take a vacation in the city of angels where he owns one of the cities most prestigious nightclubs and lives a life full of delicious sin. But when one of his clients, a woman he has given a favor to in exchange for a future unspecified favor, is gunned down he teams up with a LAPD detective to solve the case. Lucifer is so smitten with this detective that he decides to join the LAPD as a consultant using his skill to draw out people's deepest desires and wishes to solve crimes.

Is Lucifer good?

I love this show. I know it`s jet another crime show with a specially gifted but flawed main person, but I still like it. Some people get in a fizzy fit because the TV show goes to far away from the comic it`s based on, but I have never read the comic books so I don really care about that.

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Veronica Mars

Tv Show cover: Veronica Mars
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Veronica Mars is a teenage crime solver with a Private Investigator for a dad. She helps out friend and schoolmates solving small and big problems, for a small fee of course, unless you qualify for a friends and family discount. While she works on these small episodic cases she also works on longer seasonal problems.

Is Veronica Mars good?

This is an absolute fantastic TV show. I have watched it multiple times. The only bad thing that really bugs me is the ending. It`s a shitty cliffhanger ending. You can drop the last season, or at last drop the last half.

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Tru Calling

Tv Show cover: Tru Calling
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Tru Davies is a medical grad student who has to take a job at a local morgue. She discovers that she has the power to re-live the last 12 hours over again to help the people who wrongly ended up dead.

Is Tru Calling good?

True Calling is an interesting twist on the detective genre. It also has a fair amount of interesting drama not connected to the episodic stories.

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Tv Show cover: Wonderfalls
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Jaye Tyler is a twenty-something care-free loner living in Niagara Falls. Despite graduating college she has chosen to work as a retail clerk in a tourist gift shop in Niagara Falls called Wonderfalls. Her life takes a startling turn after a lion figurine begins talking to her. Despite fearing for her sanity, she decides to do exactly what the statues tells her to do and amazingly her actions begin changing people’s lives in unexpected ways.

Is Wonderfalls good?

Wonderfalls is an amazing show full of quirky humour. It might not be for everyone but it is a cult classic with weird and rememberable humour.

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The Walking Dead

Tv Show cover: The Walking Dead
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Police officer Rick Grime awaken from coma in an abandoned hospital only to find out that the world has been overrun by zombies. He manages to reunite with his family and join a group of survivors as they try to stay alive.

Is The Walking Dead good?

The Walking Dead is an excellent series. It is strange how they can keep a zombie survival scenario going so strong for so many seasons.

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Dead Like Me

Tv Show cover: Dead Like Me
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Eighteen year old Georgia "George" Lass is a college drop-out and without work. After getting work at a temp agency she gets royally screwed by a space station toilet falling from the sky and straight onto her head. After a brief period as a ghost she is returned to earth to work as a grim reaper. She works with a local team of grim reapers and have to help dead people to free their souls from their body right before they die. They look just like everyone else but as grim reapers they appear physically different to the living than they did when they were alive. Which means they also have to keep a day job to pay the bills.

Is Dead Like Me good?

Dead Like Me is a brilliant TV show with lots of quirky dark humor and witty dialogs. To bad it did not last longer.

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In the Flesh

Tv Show cover: In the Flesh
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After an event known as "The Rising," where everybody who died in the year 2015 has risen from the dead, an inevitable Zombie war breaks out as the human race battles to rid the planet of brain eating Zombies. The remaining zombies are groped together in a facility where they have discovered a treatment. They can remove their craving for brain and make them concious again. Keiren Walker is a young teenager that just have been released from this facility and returned back to his parents in a small town in England.

Is In the Flesh good?

This is a really interesting show. I have only watched season one, but I plan to start on the next any day now.

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The Strain

Tv Show cover: The Strain
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Dr. Ephraim Goodweather is the head of the Center for Disease Control Canary Team in New York City. He and his team are called upon to investigate a mysterious viral outbreak with an uncanny similarity to vampirism. With help from a mysterious Holocaust survivor, Eph and his colleague has to stop this disease from wiping out mankind by attacking its source, a sinister supernatural creature known as The Master.

Is The Strain good?

I like this show, but it could have been so much better. It differs to much from the books.

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Movie like iZombie

Warm Bodies

Movie cover: Warm Bodies
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A zombie starts to have feelings and he falls in love. He fight his hunger for brains. He capture the girl an gradually starts to be more like a regular human. She also gradually starts to like him.

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Book like iZombie

My Life as a White Trash Zombie (White Trash Zombie #1) by Diana Rowland

Book cover: My Life as a White Trash Zombie
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Angel Crawford lives with her alcoholic redneck father in the swamps of southern Louisiana. She's a high school dropout without any ambitions, has a mile long police record and she is addicted to drugs and alcohol. All this changes when she is turned into a zombie. She is now only addicted to brains and she gets a job at the local morgue that she has to do her best to keep if she wants to stay "alive".

Is My Life as a White Trash Zombie good?

I loved this series. Angel Crawford is a cool heroin and there is an interesting story. Its also cool how the author manages to write a story about people eating brains without grozing me out.

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Anime like iZombie

Highschool of the Dead

Anime cover: Highschool of the Dead
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A disease has broken out worldwide with a catastrophic death rate. The Living Dead, Zombies, are increasingly attacking humans. In Japan, several high school students and a school nurse try to escape Fujimi High School shortly after it was attacked by zombies. Who or what was responsible for this plague, and and can they survive this apocalypse.

Is Highschool of the Dead good?

Highschool of the Dead is a cool and short anime full of action. It is far from the best anime out there, but if you like zombie stuff then you should give it a try. The quality of the animation is excellent.

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