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Tv Show cover: Dead Like Me
Eighteen year old Georgia "George" Lass is a college drop-out and without work. After getting work at a temp agency she gets royally screwed by a space station toilet falling from the sky and straight onto her head. After a brief period as a ghost she is returned to earth to work as a grim reaper. She works with a local team of grim reapers and have to help dead people to free their souls from their body right before they die. They look just like everyone else but as grim reapers they appear physically different to the living than they did when they were alive. Which means they also have to keep a day job to pay the bills.

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TV-Shows like Dead Like Me


Tv Show cover: iZombie
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Liv Moore, a promising medical student, takes a break from her workaholic life to attend a party. This one choice leads to her becoming a zombie and her life goes trough some drastic changes. Liv takes a job at the Coroner's Office to get access to all the brain she need, and in the process she ends up helping Clive Babineaux, a police officer, solving crime. She tells him that she is a psychic, but the truth is that she gets some of the memories and habits from the people she eats.

Is iZombie good?

I like this show. The main character is witty and cool. Much better than your average CSI type of show.

Why is iZombie recommended?

Dead like me has grim reapers an iZombie has zombies. Both shows is about death, and they both have plenty of witty and darkish humor.

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Tv Show cover: Weeds
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Nancy Botwin is a recently widowed suburban housewife. When her financed eventually gets in trouble she ends up being their neighbourhood pot dealer to be able to keep living as she did before her husband`s early demise. It turns out that the people in her neighbourhood is more addicted to pot than she thought and her new business might be able to keep her more than wealthy enough to keep going as she did before. Nancy is faced with juggling her family life, her new enterprise and keeping it secret from the wrong people, like her neighbour and PTA president, Celia Hodes.

Is Weeds good?

Weeds is a funny comedy that is also full of more serious drama. It is entertaining mix of family life drama and drug related suspense all mixed with a good dose of humour.

Why is Weeds recommended?

Weeds dos not have the same death related theme, but they are both funny and good shows that give of similar vibes.

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Pushing Daisies

Tv Show cover: Pushing Daisies
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Ned is an not so ordinary pie-maker. He possesses the strange ability to bring the dead to life merely by touching them. Just like it was with King Midas`s Golden Touch, Ned`s touch also has a backside. He has to kill them by touching them again before one minute is up else another innocent person will die. Ned and Emerson, a local PI, uses Ned`s touch to solve murder cases and cash in on the rewards. When one case happens to be the murder of Ned`s childhood crush Chuck he decides to break the rules and let her live.

Is Pushing Daisies good?

Pushing Daisies is a unusual, funny, quirky and clever show. Not only is the story and the humour out there, the visuals are also unusual and strange. This show is not for everybody, but everybody should check it out to see if it is for them. It is absolutely brilliant.

Why is Pushing Daisies recommended?

Both shows was created by Bryan Fuller and they are both unusual and original.

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Tv Show cover: Wonderfalls
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Jaye Tyler is a twenty-something care-free loner living in Niagara Falls. Despite graduating college she has chosen to work as a retail clerk in a tourist gift shop in Niagara Falls called Wonderfalls. Her life takes a startling turn after a lion figurine begins talking to her. Despite fearing for her sanity, she decides to do exactly what the statues tells her to do and amazingly her actions begin changing people’s lives in unexpected ways.

Is Wonderfalls good?

Wonderfalls is an amazing show full of quirky humour. It might not be for everyone but it is a cult classic with weird and rememberable humour.

Why is Wonderfalls recommended?

Both shows was created by Bryan Fuller and they are both unusual and original.

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Warehouse 13

Tv Show cover: Warehouse 13
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Agent Pete Lattimer and Agent Myka Bering find themselves transferred to Warehouse 13, a massive, top-secret storage facility in South Dakota. This mysterious warehouse houses every supernatural artifact ever collected by the government. Their new job has them chasing down reports of supernatural activity in search of new artifacts to be safeguarded in the Warehouse

Is Warehouse 13 good?

Warehouse 13 is an entertaining adventure full of fictional and historical objects and gadgets with and without (mostly with) supernatural powers. I really like this TV show.

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Six Feet Under

Tv Show cover: Six Feet Under
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Six Feet Under follows the Fisher family, a dysfunctional family from L.A., and their family owned funeral home. This show has serious drama and dark humour melted into one substance of pure awesomeness.

Is Six Feet Under good?

Six Feet Under is a superb TV-Show. It has serious drama, but it is also halleriouse at times. This is one of those TV-Shows that should be a must watch.

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Tv Show cover: Eureka
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Eureka is a small hidden town populated by America’s brightest scientists. They work cutting edge inventions and discoveries. Sadly for them, but funny for us, in their enthusiasm they tend to be forgetful about the safety surrounding their projects, which usually leads unnatural and hilarious chaos! Sheriff Jack Carter and his daughter accidentally stumbles upon Eureka, and Jack ends up being hired as the new sheriff in town. He got more than he bargained for when he has to deal with all the quirky geniuses living in Eureka and their crazy experiments.

Is Eureka good?

This is an absolutely hilarious show. Every episode have some new crazy accident to be taken care of. I was so sad when it was cancelled.

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Tv Show cover: Reaper
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Sam is a slacker whose world turns upside down on his 21st birthday when he learns that his parents sold his soul to the Devil. Forced to be Hell's bounty hunter, Sam, with the aid of his goofball friends, must track down evildoers and send them back where they belong. -Amazon

Is Reaper good?

I know some people liked this show, but I did not. I only finished season one.

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Book like Dead Like Me

On a Pale Horse (Incarnations of Immortality #0)

Book cover: On a Pale Horse
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Zane has no money and he is unemployed and he is tricked by a magical gem merchant he decides to take his own life. When he is about to pull the trigger he see the outline of death in front of him. Instead of killing himself he ends up putting a bullet right between deaths ayes. He learns that all immortal beings, death, Satan, mother nature, time, and so on all are mantels that mortal beings has to assume when the previous one passes on. Because he killed Death, he has to assume death`s place, speeding over the world riding Mortis, his pale horse, or limo as it turns out to be. Zane finds himself rather quickly drawn into a new plot by Satan.

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Movie like Dead Like Me

Dead Like Me: Life After Death

Movie cover: Dead Like Me: Life After Death
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After the departure of Rube Sofer, a new head reaper named Cameron Kane takes over. He's a slick businessman who couldn't care less about helping the newly dead. Chaos ensues and brings out the worst in Daisy and Mason who begin drinking anew. George and Reggie re-connect for the first time when George reaps a new friend of Reggie's. -Amazon

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Anime like Dead Like Me

Soul Eater

Anime cover: Soul Eater
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Maka and Soul students at the Grim Reaper's Death Weapon Meister Academy. Maka is a Meister and Soul is her Weapon. He can turn him self into a Scythe than Maka uses to fight evil beings and collect their souls.

Is Soul Eater good?

Soul Eater is a really good anime. The visual style might be a little quirky to begin with, but you quickly get used to it. If you like Shonen then you should absolutely watch it, but it is still worth a try even if you are not a big fan of Shonen.

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