Movie cover: Hercules

Review: Hercules

I did not have any expectations going into this movie. All I wanted was a fun action flick to entertain me. Dwayne Johnson do have some good movies, but also some bad ones.

Tv Show cover: The Flash

Initial Review: The Flash

I really wanted to like this show. Flash, the fastest man alive, I remember him as a cool superhero and I could barely wait until his new show was released. However, I am sad to say that the show so far has not lived up to my exceptions.

Tv Show cover: Gotham

Review: Gotham

Four episodes might be to few to tell if this show is going to be any good or not in the long run, but if even if it keeps only a fraction of the quality it has shown so far it will still be a show worth watching.

Book cover: Sabriel

If you like "Abhorsen", then you might enjoy...

Two neighbouring countries are divided by a wall, Ancelstierre to the south and the Old Kingdom to the north. Ancelstierre has a technology level and society similar to that of early-20th century England. The Old Kingdom has a more medieval technological level, but they do have both Free magic and …

Anime cover: Log Horizon

Review: Log Horizon

I love how this show is about more than just gaming and powerful characters fighting. It`s about politics, economics and how to get together in times of strife. The main guys strength is not his brawn but his brains. Yes he is strong to, but what makes him truly powerful …