If you like "Farscape", then you might enjoy...


Tv Show cover: Farscape
Astronaut John Crichton is on an experimental space mission to test a new spacecraft slingshoting around the globe. He is accidentally is accidentally sucked into a wormhole and emerged into the midst of an intergalactic conflict far out in the universe. He joins the crew on Moya ( a living sentient bio-mechanical space ship ) who picked him up after his unfortunate wormhole ride. He has to get to grips with living among alien creatures wielding deadly technology and being hunted by the Peacekeepers, a merciless military race.

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TV-Shows like Farscape

Babylon 5

Tv Show cover: Babylon 5
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Commander Sinclair commands a giant five-mile long cylindrical space station. It orbits a planet in neutral space and has become a diplomatic centre for different interstellar empires. Between handling troubles between the different empires ambassadors Commander Sinclair also has to fight internal strife in the Earth Alliance.

Is Babylon 5 good?

I can't understand why Sheldon Coper hates Babylon 5, it's an absolute terrific series. So much tension and drama between the different sides. A complex and excellent show. I guess one thing that makes it so great is that this is a five season long tale. All the seasons were planned out to make one story before they started producing it. I wish more series could try that.

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Stargate SG-1

Tv Show cover: Stargate SG-1
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An ancient race filled our galaxy with stargates that can create artificial wormholes between each other to make it easier and faster to travel the galaxy. One is found on earth and the United States military forms a task force to explore these new planets that has open up for us.

Is Stargate SG-1 good?

Stargate SG-1 has plenty of episodes exploring scientific theories and they also has found a way to explain our old religions. This show has a good mix of seriousness and humor, episodic content and long-term story arcs. Absolutely worth a try if you like these kind of geeky shows.

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Buffy: the Vampire Slayer

Tv Show cover: Buffy: the Vampire Slayer
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"In every generation there is a chosen one... she alone will stand against the vampires, the demons and the forces of darkness. She is the slayer". Buffy, a sexy kick-ass high school girl, is her generations chosen one. Destined to slay vampires, demons and other infernal creatures, while still trying, and failing, to be just a "normal girl". Luckily for her, she is not alone in her quest to save the world. She has help of her group of friends, the hilarious evil-fighting team called "The Scooby Gang".

Is Buffy: the Vampire Slayer good?

I remember watching this when I was young. I watched it on TV, so I missed some episodes, but it still was really good. I plan to get it some time in the future and re-watch the whole series. I remember having a teen crush on her so maybe my opinions are flavoured by that.

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Warehouse 13

Tv Show cover: Warehouse 13
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Agent Pete Lattimer and Agent Myka Bering find themselves transferred to Warehouse 13, a massive, top-secret storage facility in South Dakota. This mysterious warehouse houses every supernatural artifact ever collected by the government. Their new job has them chasing down reports of supernatural activity in search of new artifacts to be safeguarded in the Warehouse

Is Warehouse 13 good?

Warehouse 13 is an entertaining adventure full of fictional and historical objects and gadgets with and without (mostly with) supernatural powers. I really like this TV show.

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Tv Show cover: Andromeda
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Captain Dylan Hunt and his sentient warship Andromeda has been frozen in time for 300 years circling around the border of a black hole. For him the time of the Commonwealth was yesterday and not 300 years ago. He is rescued from the black hole by a salvage ship and its crew. They of course have no idea he is still alive and on board. They are only after the money the can get for the ship. The crew of the salvage ship is left for dead by their captain, and they ends up joining Captain Dylan Hunt on his quest to restore the Commonwealth and bring unity to the galaxy once again.

Is Andromeda good?

I remember I loved it the first time I watched this show. But when I tried to watch it a second time I was bored. However, I still believe it is worth giving this show a try.

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Stargate Universe

Tv Show cover: Stargate Universe
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The secret of the Stargate's ninth chevron is discovered. It opens a gate to the unmanned starship Destiny, an experiment launched by the Ancients hundreds of millennia ago. A team of explorers from Earth, led by Dr. Nicolas Rush and Colonel Everett Young, are sent to investigate this starship. They get trapped on the ship, unable to change its programmed mission, and is forced to complete its original mission. They travel far out into the universe, in a distant galaxy, encountering new races and enemies.

Is Stargate Universe good?

I know some SG-1 fans dislike SG-Universe, but I love it. It a little darker than the other SG shows, but that actually makes it better. Sad it only lasted two seasons.

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Tv Show cover: Dollhouse
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Caroline has download her personality into cyber storage at some shady organization who rents out her body to the highest bidder. A new personality with the required skill set are uploaded to her body to complete whatever the mission requires. These missions can involve everything from sexual fantasy to high risk missions that requires assassin or spy type of personality and skills.

Is Dollhouse good?

Dollhouse is an excellent show with plenty of action and drama. I loved it. And it all get even better with the hot actor Eliza Dushku in the main role.

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The Orville

Tv Show cover: The Orville
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Ed Mercer is offered to be the captain of the spaceship Orville. This might be just what he needs to come out of the hard year he have had after he cough his wife in the bed with a blue alien. To captain an exploratory ship in Earth's interstellar Fleet and boldly go where no man have gone before, its a dream come true. Unfortunately the second officer that is appointed to his ship is his ex-wife.

Is The Orville good?

The Orville is a super fun TV show. Its like a more comedic version of Star Trek, and it pulls it off without being a mocking parody of it.

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Tv Show cover: Eureka
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Eureka is a small hidden town populated by America’s brightest scientists. They work cutting edge inventions and discoveries. Sadly for them, but funny for us, in their enthusiasm they tend to be forgetful about the safety surrounding their projects, which usually leads unnatural and hilarious chaos! Sheriff Jack Carter and his daughter accidentally stumbles upon Eureka, and Jack ends up being hired as the new sheriff in town. He got more than he bargained for when he has to deal with all the quirky geniuses living in Eureka and their crazy experiments.

Is Eureka good?

This is an absolutely hilarious show. Every episode have some new crazy accident to be taken care of. I was so sad when it was cancelled.

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Tv Show cover: Angel
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Angel is Buffys first boyfriend, and he is a vampire. He is to walk the earth with a soul, which destines him to a torturous life. He moved to L.A. after their breakup and sets up shop as a kind of supernatural private investigator.

Is Angel good?

I personally liked Angle better then Buffy the vampire slayer. The only thing that is better with Buffy is Buffy.

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Battlestar Galactica

Tv Show cover: Battlestar Galactica
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The Cylons returns and devastate the human population. Only a ragtag fleet of refugees defended by Commander Adama and his crew of the ship Battlestar Galactica and lead by President Laura Roslin. They are searching for the fabled lost thirteenth colony, Earth, while they are doing their best to flee from the Cylon.

Is Battlestar Galactica good?

Battlestar Galactica is one of the best TV-Shows of all time. Even people who hate sci-fi might enjoy this show.

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Tv Show cover: Firefly
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Captain Malcolm 'Mal' Reynolds, a former galactic war veteran, is the captain of the transport ship Serenity. He is kind of like Han Solo from Star Wars, a small time smuggler hiding behind his legal transport services. His crew consists of Zoe, his old war buddy and Wash, the pilot and Jayne Cobb, the muscle and Kaylee Frye, the mechanic and Simon Tam, the medic and River, Simon`s sister and Inara Serra, a courtesan and Shepherd Book, a preacher.Together they do any jobs, legal or illegal.They travels across the outskirts of outer space sparking up trouble wherever they go.

Is Firefly good?

This is a superb show. I can't fathom why it got cancelled after only one season. I want a new show like this.

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Tv Show cover: Continuum
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Kiera Cameron, a detective from the year 2077, finds herself trapped in present day Vancouver and searching for ruthless criminals from the future called Liber8. Kiera poses as a government agent and joins forces with police detective Carlos Fonnegra and teen genius Alec Sadler to capture the terrorists before they can alter the future. The future of 2077 is a dystopian one in which world governments have collapsed and corporations now dominate the planet.

Is Continuum good?

I like it. I have not watched the last season of Continuum jet, but it is on my soon to watch list.

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Tv Show cover: Killjoys
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A trio of bounty hunters lives in a solar system ruled by a tyrannical class based corporation known as the company. They live hard, party all night, and they work for an Independent interplanetary organization of assassins and retrieval experts called R.A.C. People working for R.A.C. is known as Killjoys. Killjoys only follows one law and that is "The Warrant is all".

Is Killjoys good?

Killjoys dos not have the biggest budget, but it still manages to be a very cool show.

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Dark Matter

Tv Show cover: Dark Matter
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A spaceship out in the farthest reaches of space is on its way to a remote mining colony. Inside it has a crew of six people who has had their memories wiped clean, they have no recollection of who they are or how they got on board. The ship has a cargo bay full of weapons and the mining colony is about to become a war zone.

Is Dark Matter good?

It looks like this show has a low-budget, but it is still a great show. I like it.

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Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Tv Show cover: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
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Sarah Connor destroyed the Terminator sent from the future to kill her 15 year-old son, John. Sarah and John are no alone and fugitives from the law. More enemies from the future and the present could attack at any moment. They get a fighting chance when a Terminator named Cameron arrives and want to help them.

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Books like Farscape

We Are Legion (We Are Bob) (Bobiverse #1)

Book cover: We Are Legion (We Are Bob)
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Bob Johansson has just sold his software company and is looking forward to a life of leisure as a rich man. Sadly Bob dies in an accident right after this, but luckily for him; he has payed for a service to freeze his brain until we have the technology to put it into a new body. However, when he wakes up a century later he discovers that dead people has been declared to be without right, and he now finds himself as the property of the state. As if that wasn't enough, he has been uploaded into a computer and ordered to be to be the controlling AI of an interstellar von Neumann probe that is tasked with searching for habitable planets to be colonized. If he declines, he'll be switched off. If he accepts, he becomes the main target of competing states with similar projects.

Is We Are Legion (We Are Bob) good?

The Bobiverse series is the best sci-fi books I have read in a long while. Cant wait for the next in the series. Its full of references to interesting science and popular culture. Good story with good humor. Its also very interesting and funny how the different bobs interact with each other. Great books.

Why is We Are Legion (We Are Bob) recommended?

The spaceship they use is a living organic spaceship. Not an AI. They also only communicate with it by another alien that is merged with the ship as the navigator.

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Honor Harrington by David Weber

Book cover: Honor Harrington
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Commander Harrington has command of her first starship, the HMS Fearless. But political maneuvering by top leaders in the Manticoran navy has left her light cruiser outfitted with a half-baked experimental weapons system. Against all odds ,she still manages to do good in tactical war games. She's banish to a galactic backwater, Basilisk Station, and it soon proves to be a powder keg ready to burst. It's up to Harrington and the Fearless crew to thwart the aggressive plans of the Haven Republic.

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Animes like Farscape

Cowboy Bebop

Anime cover: Cowboy Bebop
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Spike Spiegel is a bounty hunter. Together with his partners Jet Black, Faye Valentine , Edward and their dog Ein they hunt across the galaxy looking for any high bounty fugitives to bag.

Is Cowboy Bebop good?

This is one of the classic must see animes. Cowboy Bebop is recommended even if you are not a big fan of animes.

Why is Cowboy Bebop recommended?

Farscape might not be about bounty hunters, but the show still have a similar-ish feel to it.

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Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex

Anime cover: Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex
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The main character Major Motoko Kusanagi is a deadly cyborg and the squad leader of Section 9, the Japanese government's military unit tasked with fighting terrorism and cyber warfare. They have to fight the Laughing Man, a terrorist who orchestrated a kidnapping and extortion plot many years ago who has suddenly reappeared. Motoko and her squad are drawn into a deadly game where they have to use all their expertise to survive.

Is Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex good?

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex is one of the better animes out there. It's an influential anime that all anime lovers should watch.

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Movie like Farscape

Guardians of the Galaxy

Movie cover: Guardians of the Galaxy
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Peter Quill, A.K.A. Star-Lord, a self-proclaimed legendary outlaw, is on a mission to retrieve an ancient orb from a long destroyed civilisation. A the outlaw he is he manages to get a bounty on him for this mission and gets hunted by multiple parties. Ronan the Accuser is the main party after the orb, he wants it for the power he will gain from it. Star-Lord is forced to join forces with a team of unlikely criminals and bounty hunters to stop Ronan and save the day.

Is Guardians of the Galaxy good?

This is one of the absolute best Marvel superhero movies so far. Chris Pratt, the actor playing Star-Lord, has also become an internet star. This is a movie that has to be watched, It's so good.

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