If you like "Blood+", then you might enjoy...


Anime cover: Blood+
Two groups have been at war for ages. The immortal bloodsucking monsters called Chiropterans and an organisation known as the Red Shield formed to track down these monsters and kill them. Saya Otonashiis a high-school girl who lives a peaceful life with her family. She sadly suffers from amnesia and can't remember the past year of her life. One day her happy life is destroyed when a man gives her a katana and she finds herself fighting Chiropterans.

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Animes like Blood+

Elfen Lied

Anime cover: Elfen Lied
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Lucy, a Diclonius, is saved by Kohta, a university student, and Yuka, his cousin. They found her naked and half drowned on the beach. Lucy has no memories and they let her stay in Kouta's home. What they do not know is that she is a Diclonius, a mutated human with telekinetic abilities, and that she is a serial killer that has escaped from a government research facility.

Is Elfen Lied good?

Elfen Lied was one of the first animes I watched, and for a long time it was my favourite anime too. This is a must watch anime, especially for anime fans. But others might like it too.

Why is Elfen Lied recommended?

Not exactly sure why I think they are similar. They have some similar feelings to it. Blood is darker, but both are emotional taxing. There are monsters and a frail looking female lead character that actually is a monster herself.

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Anime cover: Hellsing
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Alucard and Seras Victoria works for the Hellsing Organization, a vampire extermination group in England. Alucard is the organizations deadliest weapon, and Victoria is constantly working her way up to his level. What makes these two vampire hunters so efective is that they themselfs are vampires.

Is Hellsing good?

This is one of the first animes I watched, but I did not like it that much. It was OK, but not that good. The guy that recommended it to me loved it, but I did not.

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Devil May Cry

Anime cover: Devil May Cry
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Dante is a half human and half daemon. He runs a daemon hunting business called Devil May Cry. He uses his sword Rebellion and his two guns Ebony and Ivory to take on daemons.

Is Devil May Cry good?

This anime is just average. Nothing special. I cant really recommend anyone too watch it, unless you really love the games or are specially interested in daemons.

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Trinity Blood

Anime cover: Trinity Blood
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Vampires and humans are again trembling on the brink of war. The Vatican has created a subordination called AX. It`s purpose is too protection of the fragile equilibrium between the species. Abel Nightroad is traveling priest and a member of AX. He is also a vampire, but not an ordinary vampire. He is a vampire that drink the blood of other vampires. The order of Rozencreuz which is led by Abel's twin, Cain, tries to continue the war between the species so they can rule the world. Can Abel and AX stop them?

Is Trinity Blood good?

Trinity Blood is slightly above the average anime, but it is nothing special. If you like animes or vampires, then you should still give it a try.

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Anime cover: Witchblade
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Masane Amaha discovers while she is attacked by an advanced weapon that can disguise itself as a human being she can transform into a powerful being herself. She destroys the weapon and thus becomes involved in a power struggle between powerful organizations because they discover that she holds the most powerful weapon of them all. The legendary Witchblade.

Is Witchblade good?

Witchblade is quit good. It is actually based on an American comic and not a Japanese manga. It`s absolutely worth giving this anime a chance.

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Anime cover: Claymore
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In a world that humans must share with Yoma, demonic predators who feast on human intestines, we follow a young boy, Raki, who has lost everything too the Yomas. He joins up with Clare, a slightly older girl and a Claymore. Claymores are half human and half Yoma. They are detested by most humans, but they are necessary. They are the only force that stands between them and getting there intestines eaten. Clare and Raki travels together around on missions set by the Claymore leaders to take care of Yoma infestations. Clare is considered an outcast py her own people for picking up a young boy and for almost losing herself to her youma side.

Is Claymore good?

Claymore is a really good anime. It might also be interesting for people that usually do not watch animes.

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Movies like Blood+

Van Helsing

Movie cover: Van Helsing
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Van Helsing is sent by the the Vatican to Transylvania to stop Dracula. Van Helsing is sent with is ally Carl and while in Transylvania they join forces with Anna Valerious, a Gypsy queen. They where sent to take care of Dracula because he is using Dr. Frankenstein's research and a werewolf for some sinister purpose, and they have to stop him before he completes his project.

Is Van Helsing good?

Van Helsing is an OK movie, nothing special. You should give it a try if you like this kind of movies or if you are into Hugh Jackman. Otherwise you can stay away from it.

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Movie cover: Blade
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Blade is a daywalker, a half-vampire and half-human, and he has chosen to become a protector of the human race. He is a vampire slayer.

Is Blade good?

Blade is an above average movie, and the first of many Blade movies. If you like vampires and fantasy movies, then you should watch it, otherwise it is not required.

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Movie cover: Underworld
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A war has been raging between the Vampires and Werewolfs for centuries. Selene, a vampire warrior, is mixed up in this ancient war. She is fighting for the vampires but she finds herself falling in love with Michael, a werewolf, and he might hold the key to end this war.

Is Underworld good?

This is the first of many action packet Underworld movies. If you like action and supernatural stuff, then this series of movies is definitely for you.

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TV-Shows like Blood+

The Vampire Diaries

Tv Show cover: The Vampire Diaries
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Elena and her brother Jeremy lives in Mystic Falls with their aunt Jenna. Jenna moved in as their guardian after they lost their parents. At her first day back at school after her parents death she meats Stefan, a mysterious new guy. What Elena dos not know is that Stefan is an old vampire. They gradually grow closer, until Stefans`s older brother, Damon, shows up and acts like an evil bastard.

Is The Vampire Diaries good?

I remember liking Vampire Diaries at on point, but then I grew tired of the show. It is a popular show, so you should probably give it a try.

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Tv Show cover: Dracula
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Dracula has arrived in in 19th century London. He as an American entrepreneur who wants to bring modern science to Victorian society; Nicola Tesla's wireless power. But his true purpose more sinister. He is seeking revenge on the secret organization who ruined his life centuries ago.

Is Dracula good?

Dracula is a fantastic show, but sadly, it looks like it might be cancelled way to early. I am crossing my fingers for a new season.

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Books like Blood+

Guilty Pleasures (Anita Blake Vampire Hunter #1) by Laurell K. Hamilton

Book cover: Guilty Pleasures
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Anita Blake is a necromancer and vampire hunter. Vampires are protected by law, but when some of them gets out of hand, then you call Anita Blake, the Executioner. Guilty Pleasures, the first book in the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series, starts out with someone killing innocent vampires. Anita is approached by Jean Claude, the second strongest vampire in the city to help figur out who is killing vampires. Anita agrees to help out after a bit of vampiric arm-twisting.

Is Guilty Pleasures good?

This is the start of an excellent vampire series. Well, the beginning of it is excellent. I stooped reading around book 10, it had started to go downhill a little before that. But the first books are absolutely worth reading.

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Marked (House of Night #1) by P. C. Cast

Book cover: Marked
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Zoey is a 16-year-old girl who is marked. Those who are marked are sent to the House of Night. It`s a school where marked teenagers are sent to undergo the change to become a vampire.

Is Marked good?

House of Night is an ok paranormal teen series. Nothing special, but worth a read if you are into books like this.

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