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Tv Show cover: Monk

If you like Monk and want more shows similar to it, then this article is for you. The following list has some very similar, and some not so directly similar suggestions of what to try.


Adrian Monk is an ingenious San Francisco ex-detective.

Since the murder of his wife, he has suffered from intensified OCD and a variety of phobias. Before this, he was a detective at San Francisco Police Department but he was laid-off because of his problems.

Monk has managed to come back as a police consultant.

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TV-Shows like Monk


Tv Show cover: Elementary
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Elementary is a modern take on the classic stories of Sherlock Holmes.

Sherlock lives in New York and works as a private detective. He used to live and worked in England, but he moved.

He works as a consultant to the NYPD and is assisted by the beautiful Joan Watson. She is a former surgeon, who now works as a sober companion. Watson was originally hired to help Sherlock stay away from his coke habit, but she ends up as his assistant and PI in training.

Is Elementary good?

It`s not the best Sherlock series, but it is still a good show. Interesting to have a female Dr. Watson.

Why is Elementary recommended?

Sherlock is like Monk, he loves tho have mysteries to solve. He's more outgoing than Monk and does not have the same compulsions. But Sherlock has struggled with drugs, but that's more of an addiction problem. Elementary is not as good as the other Sherlock show, but it's still very good.

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Tv Show cover: Sherlock
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Sherlock is a new contemporary take on the classic Arthur Conan Doyle stories. Many of the details and stories from the original books are kept, only modernized to fit in today's society and technology.

His most important tool, after his brilliant mind, is a modern smartphone.

Doctor Watson is a medical veteran of the Afghan war. Together they navigate a web of cryptic clues and myriad of lethal killers to get at the truth

Is Sherlock good?

This is the best adoption of the Sherlock Holmes books I have ever watched.

It`s truly exciting to watch Sherlock's fast and leaping but accurate deductions. This is a show everyone should try out.

Why is Sherlock recommended?

Sherlock is more outgoing and better at reading social situations than Monk, but he doesn't care if he walks over people. He is also excellent at picking up small clues and drawing conclusions. Sherlock is an excellent show, absolutely worth watching.

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Tv Show cover: Bones
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Dr. Temperance "Bones" Brennan is a highly-skilled forensic anthropologist. Bones and her team help the FBI solving crimes where only the bones of the victims are reminding. Their handler from the FBI is Agent Seeley Booth.

Is Bones good?

Bones is one of the better forensic crime shows.

It is based on a book series, but it actually has very little in common with the books.

Why is Bones recommended?

Bones has some personality quirks that are kind of similar to Monk. They are not similar, but they both are bad at social situations, and not in an "I don't care what you think" kind of way.

If you like Monk then you will probably also like Bones.

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Suits cover
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Mike Ross brilliant college dropout with a photographic memory. He made his living on taking the LSAT for others and doing other dubious jobs.

All this changed when fleeing from a drug deal gone bad he slips into a job interview with one of New York City's best legal closers, Harvey Specter.

Luckily for Mike, he had once taken the Bar exam as a dare and passed, which made him ace the interview. Harvey saw right truth him but still decided to take a chance on him.

Proving to be an irrepressible duo Mike and Harvey must keep their secret from everyone.

Why is Suits recommended?

Mike has a perfect memory and very good at using it. Kind of like Monk. But Mikes's personality is far away from Monk. So, Suits might not be that similar to Monk. But We added it anyway. It's a good show.

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Tv Show cover: Psych
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Shawn Spencer is posing as a psychic.

He does this with his fail prof memory and excellent attention details.

He and his best friend Gus is hired by the police after they manage to cons them into thinking that Shawn is a real psychic with powers that help to solve crimes.

Is Psych good?

Psych is a hilarious show full of witty commentary.

I haven't seen the last seasons, but I want to do it if I get time. This is a delightful show that will give you plenty of laughs.

Why is Psych recommended?

Shawn is much more outgoing than Monk and he likes having fun. He has an excellent memory and is an expert at reading clues. But he uses it to works as a psychic and having fun while doing so.

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The Mentalist

Tv Show cover: The Mentalist
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Patrick Jane is a former famous psychic. He outs himself as a fake after a serial killer called Red John kills his family.

Jane blames himself. Right before the murders of his family, Jane was mocking Red John on national TV.

Jane joins the California Bureau of Investigation, the CBI, as a consultant. His life goal is to hunt down and kill Read John. Working for the CBI makes this easier.

Jane's skills as a mentalist, ex psychic, and con man come in handy. He's an expert at picking up on small details, thinking on his feet, and tricking people to get what he wants. His unorthodox methods help CBI to close lots of cases.

Is The Mentalist good?

This is a really good show. They drag the Red John story out a little too long, but that`s OK since the main part of the show is the individual cases and the relationships between the characters.

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House M.D.

Tv Show cover: House
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Gregory House is an anti-social pain killer addict. He's also witty and arrogant, but most important of all, his an excellent medical doctor.

House specializes in diagnostic medicine, and he has his own unit at Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital. House and his team do whatever it takes to solve puzzling cases that come there way. His skills are well known and other doctors around the states send him patients they have no idea of what ails them.

Is House M.D. good?

House is an absolutely fantastic show. This show is full of witty comments. Its not your typical hospital show. It's serious but at the same time hilarious.

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White Collar

Tv Show cover: White Collar
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Neal Caffey, a charming con artist, escapes from a maximum-security prison, only to be recaptured by FBI Agent Peter Burke.

Instead of going back to prison he is given the choice to help the bureau. Help them to bring down other elusive criminals in exchange for his eventual freedom.

Is White Collar good?

White Collar is an interesting show, lots of cons and tricks. Cool to watch.

If you like crime shows, then you should give White Collar a try.

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Tv Show cover: Castle
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Rick Castle, a popular crime author, is asked to help NYPD homicide to investigate a murder.

A murder that is an exact copy from his book.

When this first case is solved, Rick Castle decides to stay on with detective Kate Beckett and her team. He got permission because he was so helpful with the first case, and being a personal friend of the mayor did not hurt either.

Rick Castel keeps working with the NYPD after the first case is over to do research for his next book. But having fun and becoming close with detective Kate Beckett is another strong reason.

Is Castle good?

It is interesting to listen to all the crazy ideas Castle rattles of on how and why the crimes are committed. I really like this show.

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Tv Show cover: Life
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Charlie Crews, an LAPD detective, was wrongly imprisoned 12 years for a murder he did not commit. He got a $50 million settlement when he was released, and he still chose to go back to work as a detective.

His years in prison changed him. He got a new spiritual outlook on life, a strong fondness for fruit, and a highly unusual approach to solving crime

Is Life good?

Life is a really good show.

I don`t understand why it only got two seasons, it deserved many more.

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The Finder

Tv Show cover: The Finder
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Walter Sherman is an Iraq war veteran who got a strange brain damage from an IED exploitation.It makes him good at finding things by seeing seemingly unrelated connections.

Walter uses this skill to find things for other people. He works together with Leo Knox, his legal advisor, and a bar owner. US Deputy Marshal Isabel Zambada. And teen parolee and thief Willa Monday, who is serving her probation with the team.

Is The Finder good?

The Finder is an OK show with a quirky main character. Too bad it ended after only one season.

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