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Tv Show cover: Lie to Me
Dr. Cal Lightman is a deception specialist that reads the truth from people`s faces. He has partnered up with Dr. Gillian Foster to create the Lightman Group, selling their services as deception experts. His personal team also includes Eli Loker and Ria Torres. They also start to cooperate with the FBI with Ben Reynolds as their liaison. They tackle all kinds of cases using their skills to look for deception.

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TV-Shows like Lie to Me


Tv Show cover: Bones
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Dr. Temperance "Bones" Brennan, a highly-skilled forensic anthropologist, and her team join FBI, with Agent Seeley Booth as their handler, in solving crimes where only the bones of the victims are reminding.

Is Bones good?

Bones is one of the better forensic crime shows. It is based on a book series, but it actually has very little in common with the books.

Why is Bones recommended?

Bones and her team at the Jeffersonian Institute often help out on criminal cases. Just like Lightman's company in Lie to Me is mainly working on civil cases the Jefferson Institute in Bones mainly does research, but they both help out on criminal cases. Both shows are also trying to explain what they do in a way that looks scientific and kind of realistic.

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Tv Show cover: Dexter
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Dexter Morgan, by day a blood spatter pattern expert for the Miami Metro police department, but by night he becomes a brutal serial killer. Dexter, Like most serial killers, only kills people who fit a very specific profile. He follows a "moral code" taught to him by his late father Harry, he only kills violent criminals that slip between lady justice`s fingers. Dexter is grappling with fitting into society while, at the same time, he struggles with his inability to feel emotion.

Is Dexter good?

Each season of Dexter is made up of a story that starts at episode one and ends at the season finale. I have not watched the last season jet, but I am going to because this is an absolutely fantastic series. It is strange how the writers manage to have feelings for a serial killer.

Why is Dexter recommended?

Dexter has a longer and stronger story and less episode to episode story arcs. Dexter works as a crime technician specializing in blood splatter analysis, but he is a very different creature than Dr. Lightman. Check out Dexter if you like Lie to Me.

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House M.D.

Tv Show cover: House
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Gregory House, anti-social, pain killer addict, witty and arrogant is of all things a medical doctor and an excellent one at that. He specializes in diagnostic medicine and has his own unit at Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital. House and his team do whatever it takes to solve puzzling cases that come there way. His skills are well known and other doctors around the states send him patients they have no idea of what ails them.

Is House M.D. good?

I have only watched the first part, I kind of fell off the wagon when his team changed. But what I saw was absolutely fantastic. This show is full of witty comments.

Why is House M.D. recommended?

House M.D. feels kind of similar to Lie to Me, even when its a different kind of show. It might be how they go around solving the medical cases that make it kind of similar to Lie to Me. House is also more humoristic than Lie to Me.

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Tv Show cover: Numbers
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Charles Eppes, a mathematician, and his brother, Special Agent Don Eppes teams up to solve criminal cases for the FBI together. Charles and his friends from CalTech University and uses equations to help solve various crimes.

Is Numb3rs good?

This is a cool series. I have watched it a couple of times. It`s interesting to see how they use different algorithms to solve criminal cases. Like most shows, they do simplify things. Some of the data points are much too complicated to gather in the time they do and some of the data is way too generalized to get so exact results as they get. I could keep going, but this is not important. This show still rocks.

Why is Numb3rs recommended?

Professor Ebs often consult the FBI, But just like Dr. Lightman, that's not his primary job. Numb3rs is also trying to look scientific when Ebs help out solving the cases. If you like Lie to Me then you might like Numb3rs too.

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Tv Show cover: Luther
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DCI John Luther is a tenacious and near-genius murder detective. The brilliant detective might be just as dangerous as the criminals he hunts. He follows his own moral code as much as the rules of criminal law, which makes him cross a few lines while chasing criminals.

Is Luther good?

This is a really good crime show. Absolutely worth watching.

Why is Luther recommended?

The main characters in Luther and Lie to Me feel like they have many similarities. Not sure exactly why, but it might be because they are both at the top of their game, driven, and willing to bend the rules to get results.

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Criminal Minds

Tv Show cover: Criminal Minds
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This show follows a team from the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU), a subsection of the FBI. They travel to local police stations to investigate serial killings or other crimes likely involving a mentally distorted unsub (Unknown or unidentified subject). They use profiling to track and apprehend the unsubs. This means they are using psychology and statistics to come up with the basic characteristics of the unsub and the victims.

Is Criminal Minds good?

This is one of the more interesting criminal shows. I watched up to season seven, I think, but then I fell off. But this show is definitely worth giving a try.

Why is Criminal Minds recommended?

Criminal Minds, just like Lie to Me, is also about reading people, but it's more about reading human behavior then catching liers. Its also only about criminal cases involving serial killers and other very heinous crimes.

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Tv Show cover: Hannibal
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Will Graham is an FBI criminal profiler with a unique way of locking at things. He can empathize with anyone which makes it easy for him to get in to the mind of killers. This skill sets is hard on Will and he is teamed up with the psychiatrist Dr. Hannibal Lecter. Together they help FBI to catch criminals and work on Will`s mental issues. This show follows the early days of Dr. Hannibal Lecter, before he get known as the cannibalistic serial killer.

Is Hannibal good?

This is an interesting show. It`s worth watching, especially if you like crime shows or are a fan of the movies.

Why is Hannibal recommended?

Hannibal includes themes about the human mind and manipulating others. It clearly differs in that it has strong elements of horror, a clear antagonist, and a longer season-spanning story.

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The Mentalist

Tv Show cover: The Mentalist
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Patrick Jane a former famous psychic outs himself as a fake after a serial killer called Red John kills his family. Jane blames himself because he right before the murder where mocking Red John on national TV in his psychic persona. He starts working as a consultant for the California Bureau of Investigation so he easier can hunt down Red John. His skills as a mentalist, ex psychic comes in handy when working on cases because he is exceptional at drawing logical conclusions from minute details.

Is The Mentalist good?

This is a really good show. They drag the Red John story out a little too long, but that`s OK since the main part of the show is the individual cases and the relationships between the characters.

Why is The Mentalist recommended?

Patrick is excellent at reading humans, just like Cal, and they are both OK with bending the rules. Check out The Mentalist if you like Lie to Me.

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Tv Show cover: Sherlock
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Sherlock is a new contemporary take on the classic Arthur Conan Doyle stories. Many of the details and stories from the original books are kept, only modernized to fit in today's society and technology. Now his most important tool, after his brilliant mind, is a modern smartphone. Doctor Watson is a fairly young medical veteran of the Afghan war. Together they navigate a web of cryptic clues and myriad of lethal killers to get at the truth

Is Sherlock good?

This is the best adoption of the Sherlock Holmes books I have ever watched. It`s truly exciting to watch Sherlock's fast and leaping but accurate deductions. This is a show everyone should try out.

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Tv Show cover: Castle
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Rick Castle, a popular crime author, is asked to help NYPD homicide to investigate a murder that is an exact copy of one of the murders in one of his books. Because of his helpfulness in the first case, and his personal relationship with the major, he gets permission to tag along Detective Kate Beckett and her team for researching material for his upcoming books.

Is Castle good?

It is interesting to listen to all the crazy ideas Castle rattles of for how and why crimes are committed. I really like this show.

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White Collar

Tv Show cover: White Collar
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Neal Caffey, a charming con artist, escapes from a maximum-security prison, only to be recaptured by FBI Agent Peter Burke. But instead of going back to prison he is given the choice to help the bureau bring down other elusive criminals in exchange for his eventual freedom.

Is White Collar good?

This is an interesting show, lots of cons and tricks. Cool to watch. If you like crime shows, then you should give it a try.

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Tv Show cover: Elementary
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Elementary is a modern take on the classic stories of Sherlock Holmes. Sherlock is now living and working as a detective in New York, although he lived and worked in England earlier. He works as a consultant to the NYPD and is assisted by the beautiful Joan Watson, a former surgeon, who now works as a sober companion. She is originally hired to help Sherlock stay away from his coke habit but also ends up as an assistant for Sherlock.

Is Elementary good?

It`s not the best Sherlock series, but it is still a good show. Interesting to have a female Dr. Watson.

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